Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two Summer School Breaks in One Long Vacation This Year

We are now on the middle of the third week of June 2017. Yet we are still officially on school vacation while most students in regular schools have already started the 2017-2018 school year last week or the first week of June. It's really one long school vacation for us this year. The first I've experienced in my entire life and for my little guy as well. If we all three have passports and budget of course, we would have flown to visit my sister in Europe. But I am still saving up for that trip and perhaps when my little guy is a little older.

My little guy had about two summer vacation break worth this year as their school has moved the beginning of classes later to adopt to the new school calendar already implemented in school like the University of South Eastern Philippines and Philippine Science High School in Davao.

This change in the school year that gave us almost five months of school vacation this 2017 was to give way to the building construction of the senior high school building in their main school campus. 

I was thinking way back then to transfer to another school that will still implement the regular school year and one that has no Chinese mother tongue. But then upon my little guy's request, he wanted to experience the long summer vacation while I was thinking of the adjustment we had to go through next year during the already hot summer months and we are still on our last quarter of our new school year. Basically most students will be on vacation already by then and we're not yet. Imagine summer, going to school every day during the week on a hot summer. But we will get there when we get there. I have a mommy friend whose son already had it this year. We were already on vacation while they still had school until last month.

Well I was thinking we will finish grade school in the same school God willing.

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