Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cool Straps

A relaxing Thursday while we are still on school vacation. We still got a month to go before classes of our little guy officially starts this school year. Yes their school has adapted the new school calendar year starting this year.

Anyway, we went out this afternoon with my little guy while waiting for Papa to come home from work. We passed by the music store at the mall and checked on some stuff. I suddenly recalled my friend's son mentioned about looking for guitar straps. Okay he actually specified he was looking for cool types of guitar straps. Yes teens these days know what they really want and they go for it all the way sometimes.

Well I do remember coming across those cool guitar straps at two weeks ago. Those straps ensure your guitar stays securely in place while playing and helps to alleviate stress on your arm and shoulder muscles caused by the added weight of holding your instrument.

I was also scouting for an affordable guitar with good specs for my little guy. My mom was also asking about guitars to choose from since they are planning to get one for the chapel's use in their community for use during their prayer meetings. Hope we will find what we want soon. 

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