Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Music Class

Wishing for a quiet and long weekend with my boys but then again, hubby will be back to work this whole weekend. Still grateful he has two days off for the holy days up ahead. So I am trying to make sure I will be free from some work myself in the next two days.

I have done most of the work that I need to do yet there are still pending stuff to do this weekend when I have some time to go online.  Now I just remembered that my neighbor was asking me if I can help her find some stuff online just like those cellos available at Musicians Friend which she needs to her daughter's summer music class.

It also crossed my mind again that I was planning to look for a summer class in music for my little guy particularly for him to learn the guitar or drums. I am searching for a private teacher preferably who offers affordable per session class with a flexible schedule too since there would be most likely spur of the moment plans with my boys that may require him to skip classes when we feel like going somewhere - planned or unplanned, just within the city or maybe not. But I want him to learn a musical instrument this summer since he is old enough already to learn and master something especially in music.

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