Wednesday, February 08, 2017


A few months back, I have been wanting to get myself a new headphone not just for music and entertainment purposes but for potential work purposes. But time flies and here I am looking at someone at the coffee shop we frequent with my boys wondering what these young ladies in front of me are listening to while they seem to be reading very big and thick academic books. If they aren't listening to audio files from school or recorded lectures of their teacher or professors in the classroom, I guess they are listening to relaxing music or maybe not. 

Looking at anyone wearing earphones remind me of that intention to buy my very own headphone. Yes it looks bulky to use and carry around. But a colleague once told me years before when she was trying to convince me to work with her, she said that headphones are a must at that kind of work. 

Now I am looking into this clean and white headphones ath-m50x at Guitar Center.  It is collapsible for space-saving portability and has 90 swiveling earcups for easy, one-ear monitoring. It also has circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation. Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response. Those I think are two things I am going to be particular about when finding a good headphone to purchase. So if indeed it passes the critical audio professionals, then I guess it will be worth it.

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