Monday, December 26, 2016


Christmas day is for family get-together. During our family's Christmas get together, my daddy and I had a chat. He has not visited us in our new place since we moved and how I wish he can come visit us. Anyway, we were talking about our new home and our chat led to asking him about the old turntable that they have at home. I was asking if he still has the old music records that my siblings and I used to listen to as young children.   

I told daddy that I found a different kind of digital turntable in an online store last week. He was not familiar with this kind. But I do know a son of a family friend who has a DJ son. He probably knows about these. The one I found has these features:  key correction, reverse, up to 50% pitch adjustment, quartz lock accuracy, and S/PDIF digital output. Controls include start/brake speed adjustment, selectable phono/line output, dual start/stop buttons, and a height-adjustable tone arm. It is said to be the turntable that every DJ wants.

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