Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Hubby made us a sandwich using a spread from a sandwich spread pack he opened. The little guy has left for school already.

Now hours later, the little guy got hungry while reviewing and made a sandwich. I also got hungry looking at him and asked for a sandwich. But the little guy had already consumed two sandwiches using the same pack of spread hubby used this morning. Then my little guy made me a sandwich and I started eating it. While asking him questions in between bites, I could not help but notice something is not right with the taste of the sandwich. I kept asking review questions until I said out loud that I think the sandwich tasted weird. It has a light bitter taste somewhere in there. The little guy said it must be the side of the bread. I doubt it. It must be the spread. Then hubby butt in that the spread is already expired. WHAT???

Then he took back what he said. Why would he keep something inside the ref that he knows is already expired? He said we bought the pack two weeks ago. I immediately looked at the label for the expiry and it said it expired October 1, 2016. OMG! 

Hubby did not check the label this morning when he made the sandwich. So when we ate the sandwich now I assumed it was okay for the little guy to use.  It still tasted okay this morning. Now it tasted different.

So now reminding hubby all over again to #CHECKTHELABEL when he picks items at the grocery. And not to buy items whose expiry is within the month. To be safe and sure, buy items which will expire next year yet or at least two months from purchase. Also to make a regular inventory of the items inside the ref which I have not done lately because we got busy. I usually check the label before using an item in the ref. Hubby missed doing it and just assumed the pack was still okay. 

Do you always check the label at the grocery or supermarket of the items you buy?

I have experienced before items that have already expired still being displayed on the shelf of a supermarket. I had to look for and inform the (merchan) "Diser" to remove the items so that they won't be bought and eaten/consumed by the shoppers/consumers.

While there may still be an extension to those expiry dates, what is more important too to consided is how the items are stored even if they have not yet expired. Storage also matters for certain products. 

Now praying we will just be okay. The next two days will be exams for the little guy and the last thing we need is getting sick.  Lord protect us always!

Mommies may this remind us to #CHECKTHELABEL always!

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