Friday, September 16, 2016

100 Days Before Christmas | Christmas Countdown

100 Days Before Christmas | Christmas Countdown

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas season!!!

Yes the countdown begins for Christmas 2016!

My favorite season starts way too early here as soon as September steps in. Make time to spend the holidays with your family, loved ones and the special people in your life. 

Make each day a day to be kind to everyone especially those who have done you wrong. They need your love the most. That is what I have learned from three specific people in our community.
Give love on Christmas indeed! 

Love! Love! Love!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Spotted These Small Guitars


Spotted these small guitars at one of the nearby mall's department store a week ago and I was thinking my little guy would love to have one of these for a Christmas gift. I was looking for a semi acoustic guitar for him but I think this will do for him. He has been asking for a guitar last year but the plan to purchase one for him still has to be realized. I hope this year it will.

I am torn between a guitar or keyboard for him so that he can have a hobby in music to explore and develop. It will be a helpful diversion from the stress of school.