Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Night

Saturday night is downtime for me and my boys. It has and will be a busy August for most of us. So with this weekend we are making the most of resting after a busy first week of the month and the following weeks will be busy as well with events and other activities related to the festival in the city happening later this month. 

At the moment, I am listening to a playlist of acoustic music while switching to Christmas songs in between. Yes I sometimes do listen to Christmas songs when I feel like I need some cheerful music to easily brighten up the mood. I also found a playlist of music with acoustic guitar playing and it helps me chill and relax this Saturday night with my boys after attending church. I am also checking out this guitarcenter site where you can shop for guitars, drums, keyboards, audio equipment and accessories... when my little guy reminded me of his wish for a small guitar that he can have which is part of his wishlist last year and then again this year he told me and his dad.

Now going offline in a bit to have a quiet dinner at home with my boys.

Enjoy your Saturday night and have a great weekend everyone!