Thursday, June 23, 2016

No Place To Be

No place to be.

"The best kind of day is one where you have no place to be."

For busy people who have different roles to fill in and have so many places to be in a day... sometimes this applies for one's definition of what one's best day would be. 
I know some moms who are always on a rush going to different places in a long day. Sometimes I find myself in a day where I have to many things to do. Attending to the little guy during school days, coming home to do never ending house chores, then going back to school to fetch while in between there maybe errands and places to go to, events to go to and attend at times, and other personal stuff that makes life busy each day.

Then one day you wish you could just spend one  particular day without having to be in any particular place but on your own choice, at peace, with no noise of heavy equipments shaking your place as they do their work day and night, no workers pounding and hammering renovations here and there, no loud, noisy, corny, and not-my-type-of music coming from your neighbors' businesses.

You simply wanna be in your own choice of place, at your own pace, in your own peace away from all the noise and stress of city life while enjoying the beauty of nature that has always been there waiting for us to appreciate it each day that passes by in life.  

(Credit to the owner of the image.)

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