Sunday, June 19, 2016

Energen Cereal Drink in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors

Energen breakfast cereal drink in chocolate and vanilla flavors

Energen Cereal Drink in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors

Grateful for these packs of Energen cereal drink that were given as samples to try during the Energen Healthy Breakfast Movement launch held yesterday at the Almendras Gym now called the Davao City Recreation Center. 

"Eating a healthy breakfast daily is a great way to address underweight and underheight problems, especially among kids. Studies show that a nutritious breakfast helps provide children with energy for the entire day. It also helps contribute to the development of mental and physical abilities," according to Greg Anonas the marketing manager of Energen. 

It is said that 6 out of 10 Filipino households are suffering from poor nutrition. Given there are so many not so healthy options of food like junk food that are out there in the market as well as the lifestyle of most Filipinos in relation to eating habits these days, it is easy for this to happen.

My little guy and I initially like their chocolate flavor. But when we did get to try the vanilla flavor at home the following day, the vanilla became our new favorite. When you are on the go early in the morning, this can be an option instead of totally skipping breakfast like some people I know who are always in a hurry to go to work or school. I drank one today in vanilla flavor as we were in a hurry to send our son to school so he won't be late. He ate a full breakfast plus a cup of this too. We came home and ate our breakfast with veggies for viand.

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