Monday, May 16, 2016

SkyWatch on Mother's Day and a Start of a New Day

I used to join a photo meme years before called SkyWatch and I miss it actually. So here is a photo I took of the sky on Mother's Day last week and it was a start of a new day.  It was a special day spent by this mother with my boys.

I was looking forward too the next day which happens to be the 2016 Philippine elections. It was a historic day for us in our city as we voted for our own city mayor for around 22 years for president. The day was spent with my family and my mother, playing with my nephews and enjoying the simple pleasures of life simply spent with our family. 

I look up to the sky often hoping and wishing for better days to come as well as being grateful for all the blessings received and answered prayers too!

God bless us all!

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