Monday, May 16, 2016

SkyWatch on Mother's Day and a Start of a New Day

I used to join a photo meme years before called SkyWatch and I miss it actually. So here is a photo I took of the sky on Mother's Day last week and it was a start of a new day.  It was a special day spent by this mother with my boys.

I was looking forward too the next day which happens to be the 2016 Philippine elections. It was a historic day for us in our city as we voted for our own city mayor for around 22 years for president. The day was spent with my family and my mother, playing with my nephews and enjoying the simple pleasures of life simply spent with our family. 

I look up to the sky often hoping and wishing for better days to come as well as being grateful for all the blessings received and answered prayers too!

God bless us all!

Fits in the Pocket

I have been looking for a camera which fits in the pocket and more importantly takes good quality photos. My little guy keeps using my phone even during events that sometimes I feel the need to get a camera that fits in the pocket and easy to carry around. The camera I am eyeing for recently does not ideally fit in the pocket so I have to keep looking for one.

Speaking of something that fits in the pocket, I remembered this traktor audio 2 sound card that is slim enough and fits in the pocket. It can transform your iPad or iPhone into a solid, club-ready DJ setup. Just thought of that and someone my hubby and I know who is a known DJ in the city. 

On the other hand, I am also thinking of another gadget that I am sure fits in the pocket but the cost can also empty the pocket which is also actually empty.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simbalion 36 Colors Watercolor Cake from Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop

Simbalion 36 Colors Watercolor Cake from Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop 

While I have been planning to bring my boys to Morning Light a few days ago but still hasn't gone there, we finally found them by chance among those participating at the Mompreneur in Abreeza Mall during Mother's Day weekend. 

We were able to have a little chat with the kind owner and we ended buying my dear little guy this new watercolor. She said this is good already given its price and it has 36 colors. I love that it has a cover that can be removed and used the palette. 

My little guy has been able to make two watercolor art work using it this summer. Hope he continues to pursue his interest in arts.

Unique Looking Guitar

I have been listening to country and blues music yesterday and I am surprised to find out as I was browsing about guitars that there is such one called resonator guitar. It a unique looking guitar as that is shaped just like any guitar but has an aluminum resonator cone in the middle instead of the usual hole that you find in a regular guitar, that gives it exceptional projection and volume.You can easily Google for images of what it actually looks like.

My little guy upon seeing what I was browsing on my laptop asked me what is a resonator guitar. It is an acoustic guitar that produces sound by carrying string vibration through the bridge to one or more spun metal cones (resonators), instead of to the sound board (guitar top). It is actually a different type of guitar that can bring a player great pleasure as one plays it.