Sunday, January 17, 2016

Good Reminder of Father to Son and Son to Father

A father said to his son: "Be careful where you walk". 

The son responded: "YOU be careful, remember that I follow in YOUR footsteps". 

This is indeed a good reminder of a father to his son AND most especially a more important reminder by a son to his father... which I hope fathers will truly keep in mind.

I often reply to a dad when he questions what his son does that he doesn't like especially, I say look at what you do and say, it's often a reflection of what you do and say that I see it in YOU as his father.  Fathers often don't see and realize that but it is often the truth that they try to deny because they find it hard to accept most of the times.

I pray they work on correcting it positively instead of fighting and denying it endlessly.  
Set a good example as a father for your son to look up to and to follow in your steps positively. 

God bless all fathers and sons!

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