Friday, September 18, 2015

Lit Up Drums

We need to unwind sometimes and break the daily routine especially as we welcome the weekend with my boys. We went out for church and then did a little strolling. Then we found ourselves at a local restaurant that had some live band music for entertainment on a Friday night. We strolled slower and went in to listen for awhile as I was thinking of ordering some take home food and barbecue while the boys and I were enjoying the kind of music that they were playing tonight in the band's gig.

My little guy was amused that they used lit up drums just like the drum lights I saw from DrumLite which has a set of custom-fit lighting strips that will light up your bass drum. These LED strips offer easy plug anyway. Cool isn't it? When a band plays at a dim-lit venue place like this local resto we found ourselves passing by tonight, it adds to some kind of light effects to the show.  

Wish we could stay longer but we had to have dinner tonight at home. Till next time...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Toys Spotted at DavCon

Toys spotted being sold outside DavCon during The Off Price Show. 

There are a few toys that I would like to get for the little guy and perhaps start a little toy collection. I bet these toys were pre-loved. These were sold at P150 for pair of your choice. Some toys look familiar and are like those we got from Happy Meal toys.

I saw someone was happy to have bought a few pieces to add to his own toy collection. I hope there will be more in the Christmas bazaar as I am looking for particular toys to collect for my little guy or my own, why not! Hahaha!