Tuesday, December 08, 2015

To the Tune of Christmas Music Tonight

It's a more relaxed school night as we stayed home to rest. I found myself searching for Christmas music and tunes that would lighten up and cheer more the mood we have at home with my boys.

Then I found music to cheer the night away but then I think there is something wrong with my MacBook's sounds. After three years, perhaps my MBP is getting old and out of tune. Then somehow I remembered about the antares auto tune that one may need for a polished, modern vocal sound and technology for flawless vocal intonation. 

I need some great sounding sound system to use for a better Christmas music experience this season. My MBP ain't performing as well as it should when I play the music now. I hope the hubby will find a way to get it fixed soon as I found more nice Christmas albums to listen to in the coming days leading to Christmas.

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