Wednesday, December 09, 2015

New LC Bag

Two days ago, hubby bought me a new LC bag which could also fit in my MBP.

LC bag gift from hubby

I won't say no since he really insisted that I buy the bag. I wanted a big bag that has a zipper, one that can carry all many stuff.  I can now bring more stuff with me where ever I go with my boys. :) 

This Longchamp large bag we bought at a nearby old mall's department store is gift from hubby.  It is almost the same shade as my stolen first Longchamp bag only this is shiny and has shorter long handle. It did remind me of probably the most expensive bag I had that I bought with my own hard earned money way back then.  This is though twelve times more affordable though than the one that was stolen in SM Lanang in late January almost three years ago now.  I had also since then bought a similar LC looking bag that was also similar to the stolen bag. We bought that Kimbel bag at SM Lanang too. Yes it seems I really like this type since it is like a carry-all bag and I like this shade of color for a bag too. 

Thanks Papa!

We thank the Lord God for His blessings! :)

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