Monday, January 26, 2015


I have been looking into food that can help in our digestion. Food that are healthy and promotes good nutrition and helps in digestion. After a recent incident at school regarding some spoiled food that was served during lunch in a field trip which I and my hubby became part of those affected, I started think once again of food that is good and choosing carefully what we feed especially to our dear child.

I took time reading more about healthy food. I was also looking for something else after having problems for four days after we got sick and so I did some research on food that aids digestion. While doing that, I came across this natural herbal digestive underberg at smallflower particularly those herbal bitters which are said to have been used as a digestive aid to follow a big night of eating and drinking. We don't drink alcoholic beverages but we do love to eat like most people especially during last month during the holiday season. That digestive also reminded me of those digestive chocolate coated crackers that our kind office neighbor gave to us as a gift last Christmas.

At this age and time, we need to be more cautious on what food we take in. What we eat also shows on what our body will be.

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