Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hello November

Hello November!

It is already the first of November and we're one month away from the last month of the year and the merriest month of them all - December!

It's our mommy's special month too and in a few days we will be celebrating it with her along with my boys and my siblings families and sisters too. 

We are also just counting the days till it is Christmas! We are so looking forward to the merry days ahead with our family and loved ones who I am very thankful for as they stood with us through thick and thin.Who continued to show their care, love, help and support as a true family should especially when we need them most. Thank you so much to my R. Family as my boys and I are forever grateful for being there for us through and though.

This month we also remember our departed loved ones, our saints and martyrs too. Our prayers for them as we continue to live our daily lives here on earth. 

November and the days to follow are sweet days of looking back to the wonderful and awesome days we had this year and years before that as we look forward to more blessing-filled days ahead of us as we celebrate the season of Christmas. 

Have a wonderful November to you all!

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