Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful Lights

Love these beautiful lights placed hanging above us where we sat as we visited this newly renovated cafe in the city that re-opened just recently.

Christmas Music

Playing Christmas music when my boys and I are at home has become somewhat like a daily habit. Particularly now that it is the Christmas season already here in our country. We are happy to be listening and playing the old list of Christmas music that is still in my old Nokia music express phone. We never get tired listening to the Christmas song playlist in there as we have been listening to it almost everyday since the holiday season here started. 

Like now while my boys are at school and work as I am all alone working here at home, I am listening to Christmas music and my fave songs from my own playlist. As I am looking into some musciansfriend stuff that my friend asked as a favor for her, I played the songs that keep me working fast as I wait for time till it is time again to go back to school and fetch my dear little guy. 

I am currently looking for one particular Christmas album from a popular artist that was recommended by someone I knew from school. She has also been listening to Christmas songs while she works at home and she told me about her playlist. Christmas music makes us more cheerful and happy as we wait for Christmas and holiday break to come. 

Happy holidays my dear friends! Enjoy the days with your loved ones!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woody & Jessie

We visited the toy collector's fair held at the SM City Davao with my boys. I saw Woody and Jessie toys that are quite big than the usual ones we've seen around toy stores. 

It reminds me of those times that we watched the series of Toy Story movies with my boys over and over again. It is one of those all time fave movies that entertains the kids and even the kids at heart. 

These two animated characters are among the many Disney-Pixar movies that people especially children will forever remember.