Thursday, February 06, 2014

Peace and Quiet

It is a bliss when one gets to enjoy peace and quiet in the morning for a few hours before going back to school for mommy duties there for my little guy. It is also quite windy outside and I could hear some sounds afar but I am simply enjoying the peace and quiet this morning. 

I am grateful for our friends and neighbors who give us time to enjoy the peace and quiet that each morning bring us before we get on busy with our daily chores and tasks. I hope I am won't say I spoke too soon. 

This is just one of life's simple pleasures in between the busy lives we may live in the city. It is one relaxing morning while I am done with the rush work. I am waiting for more blessings to work at. May the bosses be very generous and kind this heart month of February. 

Now I'm taking in more of this peace and quiet for less than an hour to go before heading off to school then. 

Enjoy the rest of your wonderful morning in peace and quiet. God bless!

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