Monday, January 27, 2014


I woke up earlier than usual this Monday morning because of the scheduled power switch. I noticed it was getting hot with the aircon already off and when I opened my eyes upon waking up, I saw darkness. Power out for a few minutes and I remembered the scheduled one announced earlier by the DPLC, the local power company about the power switch today. The time was supposedly just past midnight and so I thought this one was delayed.

I forced myself up to turn off the aircon and unplugged it. I went out of the bedroom and turned off the ref. I went back to bed and just a few minutes later, the power went back. I was too sleepy. I just want to doze off back to sleep. But I have not turned on back the aircon and the ref. We just finished having a general cleaning of the ref. I don't want it off longer than necessary already. I gave myself about a couple of minutes and forced myself up. I was so sleepy yet I have to turn back on the ref and the aircon so I can go back to sleep for an hour or so more before the hubby comes home from work and I had to wake the little guy for school. 

Now crawling back to bed to catch up more Zzzzzs. Good morning everyone!  

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