Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold and colder

It's cold and colder... I woke up early this morning and I realized now that the air and wind was colder earlier. When we went out to go to school, I still felt cold. We were able to save on the aircon the past few nights too because of the cold air usually at night. This morning I turned off the aircon early. 

How much colder it would be on higher places this time? I heard in the news that this cold weather we're experiencing can extend until next month. January is usually colder than December that is based on observation for the past few years. December can be so hot sometimes it makes you think it's summer already.     

I just hope it does not get too cold for us to get sick. Now we're still enjoying the cold weather though my sister posted that it's so cold even when the windows in their house were closed. She had to get herself a hot drink to warm herself up this morning. 

Good morning everyone!

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