Monday, January 27, 2014


The little guy needed some supplement with his tummy condition that we tried letting him drink this Gatorade for hydration purposes as also suggested by some mommies I know. He already took ZincLyte yesterday which was given by the lady pedia doctor who temporarily placed his pedia who is in the US for a week. 

Taking in the ZincLyte was not something he really liked so it took sometime for him to drink it. Now we resorted to trying this though he has Erceflora and an zinc supplement prescribed by the pedia. 

I was not able to taste this. We let him take this to school not in the bottle anymore though just to be safe. I like the bottled one compared to the one in a plastic bottle container. This is also cheaper.


My friends were chatting over the possibility of an exciting get together this summer to one travel destination we wish to go to for some frolic, fun and music. They have this summer music festival that is being flocked by people from other places especially those who love to have fun, to party with fun music to enjoy. 

Speaking of exciting, I just found myself, while waiting for time for us to go to school for lunch, looking into this exciting sabian sr2 at musicians friend which is an option on where one can find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. I got this notice that they can also ship to us here and that if you want full catalog of the products, you can have it shipped to a US address like when you have trusted friends over there. 

It is also exciting for the little guy of ours who wants to have a fun summer. I am sincerely praying that he will not have summer academic class but more of other possible summer classes that he can truly enjoy. Something to do with music and also swimming again perhaps. 

Cold and colder

It's cold and colder... I woke up early this morning and I realized now that the air and wind was colder earlier. When we went out to go to school, I still felt cold. We were able to save on the aircon the past few nights too because of the cold air usually at night. This morning I turned off the aircon early. 

How much colder it would be on higher places this time? I heard in the news that this cold weather we're experiencing can extend until next month. January is usually colder than December that is based on observation for the past few years. December can be so hot sometimes it makes you think it's summer already.     

I just hope it does not get too cold for us to get sick. Now we're still enjoying the cold weather though my sister posted that it's so cold even when the windows in their house were closed. She had to get herself a hot drink to warm herself up this morning. 

Good morning everyone!


I woke up earlier than usual this Monday morning because of the scheduled power switch. I noticed it was getting hot with the aircon already off and when I opened my eyes upon waking up, I saw darkness. Power out for a few minutes and I remembered the scheduled one announced earlier by the DPLC, the local power company about the power switch today. The time was supposedly just past midnight and so I thought this one was delayed.

I forced myself up to turn off the aircon and unplugged it. I went out of the bedroom and turned off the ref. I went back to bed and just a few minutes later, the power went back. I was too sleepy. I just want to doze off back to sleep. But I have not turned on back the aircon and the ref. We just finished having a general cleaning of the ref. I don't want it off longer than necessary already. I gave myself about a couple of minutes and forced myself up. I was so sleepy yet I have to turn back on the ref and the aircon so I can go back to sleep for an hour or so more before the hubby comes home from work and I had to wake the little guy for school. 

Now crawling back to bed to catch up more Zzzzzs. Good morning everyone!