Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hear the Beat

A few nights ago for two consecutive nights, we could hear the beat of music from a TV blasting off quite loud enough for the whole compound to hear. It can be quite distracting and I wish the people living in the apartment should have closed their doors and windows to muffle and contain the sounds more. It was just a good thing my little guy would have no trouble sleeping coming home from school already tired from the whole day's activities and fun. 

The neighbors have been having their movie nights on school nights recently which is not usual since they usually do it on weekends. At one point I could hear the beat of familiar music and I wonder what movies could they be watching. I remember the drum hardware that I was being asked about by my friend who I recently had a chat a few days before while I was waiting for time to fetch my little guy at school. There were also kids in preschool practicing lately after their afternoon classes and there is a little boy there playing the drums that amuse most moms who see him during their practices.  

Right now I start hearing the beat of the music being played by our next door neighbor. It's also time to go visit and check my son for lunch at school. Till my next post!

Enjoy the rest of the day with your family and loved ones!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hello November

Hello November!

It is already the first of November and we're one month away from the last month of the year and the merriest month of them all - December!

It's our mommy's special month too and in a few days we will be celebrating it with her along with my boys and my siblings families and sisters too. 

We are also just counting the days till it is Christmas! We are so looking forward to the merry days ahead with our family and loved ones who I am very thankful for as they stood with us through thick and thin.Who continued to show their care, love, help and support as a true family should especially when we need them most. Thank you so much to my R. Family as my boys and I are forever grateful for being there for us through and though.

This month we also remember our departed loved ones, our saints and martyrs too. Our prayers for them as we continue to live our daily lives here on earth. 

November and the days to follow are sweet days of looking back to the wonderful and awesome days we had this year and years before that as we look forward to more blessing-filled days ahead of us as we celebrate the season of Christmas. 

Have a wonderful November to you all!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful Lights

Love these beautiful lights placed hanging above us where we sat as we visited this newly renovated cafe in the city that re-opened just recently.

Christmas Music

Playing Christmas music when my boys and I are at home has become somewhat like a daily habit. Particularly now that it is the Christmas season already here in our country. We are happy to be listening and playing the old list of Christmas music that is still in my old Nokia music express phone. We never get tired listening to the Christmas song playlist in there as we have been listening to it almost everyday since the holiday season here started. 

Like now while my boys are at school and work as I am all alone working here at home, I am listening to Christmas music and my fave songs from my own playlist. As I am looking into some musciansfriend stuff that my friend asked as a favor for her, I played the songs that keep me working fast as I wait for time till it is time again to go back to school and fetch my dear little guy. 

I am currently looking for one particular Christmas album from a popular artist that was recommended by someone I knew from school. She has also been listening to Christmas songs while she works at home and she told me about her playlist. Christmas music makes us more cheerful and happy as we wait for Christmas and holiday break to come. 

Happy holidays my dear friends! Enjoy the days with your loved ones!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woody & Jessie

We visited the toy collector's fair held at the SM City Davao with my boys. I saw Woody and Jessie toys that are quite big than the usual ones we've seen around toy stores. 

It reminds me of those times that we watched the series of Toy Story movies with my boys over and over again. It is one of those all time fave movies that entertains the kids and even the kids at heart. 

These two animated characters are among the many Disney-Pixar movies that people especially children will forever remember.

Friday, September 05, 2014


We pass by this dog care salon every now and then and when we are not in a hurry to where we are going and when the little guy is with us, we try to stop by and watch how the staff groom the dogs at this dog salon in the city. They also have another branch nearby.

My friend's son was looking for a dog salon recently and I remember this particular salon when they were telling me they need to have their dog groomed and treated. They mentioned as they were looking for a particular medicine for their other pet dog that has been sick lately. 

It's their newest addition to their dog family and unfortunately got sick. Being pet and dog lovers ever since, they treat their dogs like any family member who might get sick so they shower them with as much love, care and concern too. After all dogs are man's best friend. 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Hello September

Hello September!

Four more months to go and we are off to a new year. How time flies indeed! We welcome the first day of September and it is indeed a special day for us. We are now in the BER months and that means the long Christmas season starts right here in the country.

For quite some time now, we're known to be among the few countries who celebrate the Christmas holiday season the longest. So when September stepped in today, we know we are starting the holiday season. Even last month, local stores have already started decorating and even selling Christmas stuff. It can never be that early. 

I wish September will be a good month and a good start for the merry months up ahead of us!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

It's Saturday

Woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning and we could hear the sound of music playing from a nearby place. Since we moved last week, we often wake up to the sound of music playing from that place. It's lively and we could hear the music clearly from where we are. I think they use great amplifiers similar to what I have seen at Musicians friend where you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. I used to browse before when I was looking for a small sized guitar for my dear little guy last summer break from school.

It's Saturday and enjoying a long weekend break at school after the little guy's exams. I hope the weekend won't go by so fast. I want to enjoy our more relaxed weekend after we moved here. Settled most and we're going to get done moving all our stuff from the old place today.

It's a beautiful Saturday and I could still hear the music playing. Now time to go out and prepare so we can turnover the key to D one of the new caretakers. Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Save Up

A few days ago my dear little guy asked if he can have a new watch. The husband has been using the watch we bought before for the little guy. The little guy is asking now if he can have a new one this coming school year. He does have two toy watches that he can use actually but he wants to have a something more like a real watch and not just for kids. 

I will start to save up for that I told him and I asked him to help me save too by not asking for toys to buy for the meantime and he quite agreed to it. I started looking for a good watch for kids his age right now until I came across some.... and a few other brands that made me think why not buy a new watch for the husband as well when the budget will allow us too. I quite amused that he likes wearing the little guy's watch actually since his own old watch broke down after a few years of use. Good thing I still have my own watch to use. I just have to save up for them. 

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Slow Down

There is a part of me that wants summer to slow down. What I meant is that hopefully we have more summer days ahead of us so we can extend this vacation. More days to just relax and not think of the daily routine we go go through during school days. School is just a month away. We were done with enrollment a few days ago. From then on, I am trying to make the most of resting during the day and enjoying time with my boys at home or wherever we may go to.

But when you think of summer over here as rotational brownouts and really hot days, well that is not what I want either. But we have learned to deal with it. It has not rained for days. Praying the power crisis won't go worse than it already is. 

Despite that I still wish to have more summer vacation days to enjoy with my boys.

Friday, February 28, 2014


TGIFriday! Two more weeks of school and we are officially off to summer vacation break from school. We are looking forward to summer already especially for moms and guardians who want to take a break from our daily rush routine during school days. 

Yes a lot of us are looking forward to take a break from the routine morning rush, avoiding the traffic and the pressure from academics. Yes moms do get pressured too helping our sons study for quizzes and doing assignments, etc.

Two more Fridays after this and were off to summer vacation. Hooray!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Peace and Quiet

It is a bliss when one gets to enjoy peace and quiet in the morning for a few hours before going back to school for mommy duties there for my little guy. It is also quite windy outside and I could hear some sounds afar but I am simply enjoying the peace and quiet this morning. 

I am grateful for our friends and neighbors who give us time to enjoy the peace and quiet that each morning bring us before we get on busy with our daily chores and tasks. I hope I am won't say I spoke too soon. 

This is just one of life's simple pleasures in between the busy lives we may live in the city. It is one relaxing morning while I am done with the rush work. I am waiting for more blessings to work at. May the bosses be very generous and kind this heart month of February. 

Now I'm taking in more of this peace and quiet for less than an hour to go before heading off to school then. 

Enjoy the rest of your wonderful morning in peace and quiet. God bless!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014



The little boy got fascinated with these lights and wondered where they were coming from when I showed him photos I took from the recent event party where I was invited and it was held at the fountain court of a premier mall in the city. 

I remember seeing a similar party event a few years back and they were... similar to those American DJ Micro Galaxian which produces more than 200 beams that may be projected on a wall, ceiling or dance floor. It is said to be safe to use, with its red and green laser said to be complying with FDA standards.

These days these lights are often used to add to the effects of the life of a party event in party venues. More and more events are being held the past few months by a growing production and I think there will be more like this especially during the summer season. I remember missing the lights show they had at another mall last month. Seeing the cool and fun use of lights projected or flashed on the hotel was what I missed seeing most. It was cool.  

Monday, January 27, 2014


The little guy needed some supplement with his tummy condition that we tried letting him drink this Gatorade for hydration purposes as also suggested by some mommies I know. He already took ZincLyte yesterday which was given by the lady pedia doctor who temporarily placed his pedia who is in the US for a week. 

Taking in the ZincLyte was not something he really liked so it took sometime for him to drink it. Now we resorted to trying this though he has Erceflora and an zinc supplement prescribed by the pedia. 

I was not able to taste this. We let him take this to school not in the bottle anymore though just to be safe. I like the bottled one compared to the one in a plastic bottle container. This is also cheaper.


My friends were chatting over the possibility of an exciting get together this summer to one travel destination we wish to go to for some frolic, fun and music. They have this summer music festival that is being flocked by people from other places especially those who love to have fun, to party with fun music to enjoy. 

Speaking of exciting, I just found myself, while waiting for time for us to go to school for lunch, looking into this exciting sabian sr2 at musicians friend which is an option on where one can find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. I got this notice that they can also ship to us here and that if you want full catalog of the products, you can have it shipped to a US address like when you have trusted friends over there. 

It is also exciting for the little guy of ours who wants to have a fun summer. I am sincerely praying that he will not have summer academic class but more of other possible summer classes that he can truly enjoy. Something to do with music and also swimming again perhaps. 

Cold and colder

It's cold and colder... I woke up early this morning and I realized now that the air and wind was colder earlier. When we went out to go to school, I still felt cold. We were able to save on the aircon the past few nights too because of the cold air usually at night. This morning I turned off the aircon early. 

How much colder it would be on higher places this time? I heard in the news that this cold weather we're experiencing can extend until next month. January is usually colder than December that is based on observation for the past few years. December can be so hot sometimes it makes you think it's summer already.     

I just hope it does not get too cold for us to get sick. Now we're still enjoying the cold weather though my sister posted that it's so cold even when the windows in their house were closed. She had to get herself a hot drink to warm herself up this morning. 

Good morning everyone!


I woke up earlier than usual this Monday morning because of the scheduled power switch. I noticed it was getting hot with the aircon already off and when I opened my eyes upon waking up, I saw darkness. Power out for a few minutes and I remembered the scheduled one announced earlier by the DPLC, the local power company about the power switch today. The time was supposedly just past midnight and so I thought this one was delayed.

I forced myself up to turn off the aircon and unplugged it. I went out of the bedroom and turned off the ref. I went back to bed and just a few minutes later, the power went back. I was too sleepy. I just want to doze off back to sleep. But I have not turned on back the aircon and the ref. We just finished having a general cleaning of the ref. I don't want it off longer than necessary already. I gave myself about a couple of minutes and forced myself up. I was so sleepy yet I have to turn back on the ref and the aircon so I can go back to sleep for an hour or so more before the hubby comes home from work and I had to wake the little guy for school. 

Now crawling back to bed to catch up more Zzzzzs. Good morning everyone!