Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milk Tea

I was craving for milk tea when I started working on a few important stuff that needs to be done today after the little boy and the hubby left for work this afternoon to go to school and work respectively. I posted a tweet and an online friend suggested I make my own at home which is easy and healthier. 

Indeed I agree with her. This milk tea craze is still invading our town for those who can relate and understand what I am talking about. There are also more cheaper milk teas that will do to satisfy just your craving for milk tea and we have one with two branches near where we live. One at the school next street and the other branch is at one of the mall nearby.

I do ask myself though whenever I drink it if it is indeed a healthy drink or at least a healthier option compared to other drinks like soda and coffee. Well it boils down to that thought that it would be healthier if I go for the tea in a tea bag and just put it in hot water just like what my online friend does at home.

Yes I will challenge myself even just for today for a start to skip milk tea. I was able to avoid buying at Chatime in SM Lanang when we were there a few time the past day/week or so.   

Go for the usual hot tea in a bag. It may be a lot healthier option don't you think? *wink*


After browsing through some photos, I cannot help but think of Paris which is in my mind right now. I wish my sister and I could travel there together one day. It will be a great childhood dream that will hopefully do come true.
A friend of mine has asked us for help in looking for a new apartment near where we are now. Our apartment is convenient to business establishment, banks, restaurants, and at least three malls in the city. I wish we can move our lives there as easy as a snap living in an apartment in Paris.

I remember someone I knew before who at one time was looking for paris luxury apartment rentals where you can have the opportunity to experience Paris as either a native in your own apartment or a pampered tourist/visitor in a luxury apartment with the exclusive use of concierge service. I came across one Paris luxury experience curator before.  They were catering to families and groups of 4 or more and also cater to solo travelers and couples who just want bigger space when it comes to apartment rentals there.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Red Cups Still Here


The red cups are still here! Starbucks branch in SM Lanang is still using red cups until now. Last year from what I recall they stopped using the red cups as soon as they planner promo ended as well. This year they extended the use of these particular cups. 

There was another branch who had little supply of the red cups even before their holiday drinks promo ended. While this branch continues to use it until supply lasts. They even still have the Toffee Nut Latte drink which is a holiday drink. It is not in the menu anymore but they sometimes offer or recommend it to the customer ordering drinks at the counter.
These cups could also pass as cups to celebrate in time for Valentine's Day in a couple of days or for the recent Chinese new year. 

Used Electric Bass Guitar

A friend of my cousin is selling his used electric bass guitar. I am quite interested and if only we have the extra money right now, I would be really interested in the possibility of getting it if the price is right. 

A couple of days ago, I was passing by the store in the mall that sells musical instruments and they have a variety of electric guitars. Our dear little boy always wants to go to that store to try the different instruments making me think all the more that he has interest in music and playing a music instrument.

Yesterday while I was waiting for the little boy, I went online and came across this.... featuring a modern, ergonomic design. It has the look deserving of a spot on the wall, on a stage, in the studio, and definitely in your arms as the seller puts it.

I wish I'd be able to get my dear little boy something to play on and if it be a new or used electric bass guitar as long as he shows a passion to play it regularly during his free time from school and home work then why not.