Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Live Music

We went out for dinner and a quick trip to the grocery. On our way home, we passed by an establishment that was having live music entertainment with songs and music that I like. I can only wish we can stop over and enjoy the music but there are still classes tomorrow and hubby is off to work as well. So we just have to check that out some other time perhaps this Friday night or this weekend.

I would like to enjoy this holiday month with a lot of music to sooth and relax especially after a long week day. Last night I was browsing though this live sound equipment at music123 with a selection that will have you sounding your best they say, while I was looking for an amplifier as well for my sister for their community program activity.

I love live music and so I appreciate those malls, leisure and dining establishments that make an effort to bring live music to people especially their valued, loyal customers.

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