Thursday, November 28, 2013

Riding in the Cold

The weather lately has been colder outside at certain times. Just like last night, we were riding in a motorcycle with a side car (or what is known as a tricycle as it is commonly called around here) on our way to one of the malls near our place.

Riding in the cold especially at night can get uncomfortable at times. Plus we don't want to get sick because it is the time of the year over here when it gets cold especially at night. I have been thinking about the heated motorcycle gear I was looking into the other day during a quick break from our daily routine and I got some time to sit down and browse with my laptop. 

It has been getting cold the past few days and riding in the cold can be an adventure but human as we are we need to protect ourselves from the cold weather for the last thing we need during this holiday season is getting ourselves sick. Take care and enjoy the weather still.

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