Thursday, November 28, 2013


I love to dance and I know you do too! A few mothers at school had been interested in enrolling in a dance class at a gym in the city near the school. I just don't match the schedule of the classes given with the daily schedule my husband and I have during school days. I would love to enroll in a dance class as a form of daily exercise aside from the daily walking that I do since I can't run as much as I want to.

I once had a mommy friend in LA who wanted to get fit after she gave birth to her second child. She has been a dancer in our school way back in our high school days. We both want to get back to our high school days form you know thin as we can ever be then. It make us think of getting interested to enrol to dance classes in santa monica for example. I am just too far away from her but I would love to join her if only we're that near. 

For now I just have to content myself with dancing and following to those dance moves in dance numbers done of our old fave TV shows especially during weekends particularly Sunday. After all for those who love to dance, we can dance right here at the comfort of our home right?

Chocnut Flavored McDo Sundae Cone Dip


Well this Chocnut Flavored McDo Sundae Cone Dip has become my latest fave of affordable treats at McDo whenever we pass by the desserts station that they have placed outside the branch nearest us. This is among McDonald's 2013 holiday dessert treats.

This dip costs P15 which costs five pesos more than the usual sundae I used to buy when I crave for it. It is still cheaper by ten pesos than the sundae choco hot fudge that I used to buy.

Who loves this brown sundae cone dip with a sweet Choco Peanut flavor and aroma. It is only available in Dessert Centers of McDo and is on limited time offer only during this holiday season. 


Riding in the Cold

The weather lately has been colder outside at certain times. Just like last night, we were riding in a motorcycle with a side car (or what is known as a tricycle as it is commonly called around here) on our way to one of the malls near our place.

Riding in the cold especially at night can get uncomfortable at times. Plus we don't want to get sick because it is the time of the year over here when it gets cold especially at night. I have been thinking about the heated motorcycle gear I was looking into the other day during a quick break from our daily routine and I got some time to sit down and browse with my laptop. 

It has been getting cold the past few days and riding in the cold can be an adventure but human as we are we need to protect ourselves from the cold weather for the last thing we need during this holiday season is getting ourselves sick. Take care and enjoy the weather still.