Monday, October 28, 2013

No Rebate

I finally got to know how much amount we will get from our ISP in case we get lucky to ever have an approved rebate for no internet connection. 

It is ONLY P29.73! What?

And for one to avail of that, it must require TWENTY FOUR (24) HOURS CONTINUOUS NO internet service connection. You must be able to report the problem also to them and count from then on. 

Less than P30.00 that requires a whole day of no internet connection. What one customer could lose in terms of productivity, work, browsing and surfing time in 24 hours could not be paid for that P29.73.

Especially for those who work online and who has pending due tasks to do that needs internet connection, do you think it's fair? Will it compensate to 24 hours of loss of internet connection?

Dear ISP you can just keep my P29.73 rebate because what your customers really need is the high quality of service that you have promised us at all times. It is disappointing that your technician made us wait for 8 hours for nothing. Not one call from the technician nor any feedback from the CSRs as well. This problem has been reported days before and yet we will still get NO REBATE at all.  

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