Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calamansi Juice


We had pure calamansi juice with no sugar added... just calamansi and water. I did not find a good american lemon in the grocery the last time we were there and so I just settled for calamansi for now.

Here are some benefits of Calamansi juice:
  • Helps cure coughs and expel the phlegm.
  • Helpful in dealing with a hangover.
  • Maintains kidney health.
  • Great tonic for the liver.
  • Prevent diabetes.
  • Lowers blood cholesterol.
  • Prevent and cure osteoarthritis.
Other benefits are said to be:
  • Skin bleaching agent.
  • Lighten urine color.
  • Serves as body cleanser.
  • Use as body deodorant.
  • Lightens dark area of the body like armpits and elbows.
  • Lightens freckles.
  • Good as mouthwash.
  • Eliminates morning breath.
Well I know there are other benefits aside from these. One thing for sure this is better that drinking soda or carbonated drinks. 

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