Friday, August 02, 2013


Thank goodness it's Friday! It may be a busy weekend but we still look forward to two days rest at home. This two-day break from school though will be spent studying for the coming three day first grading exam. Followed by two day of no classes making it a long weekend for me and my boys. 

I am honestly looking forward to that long weekend and much more for the little boy. Had I known about this last year when we booked our tickets to Manila, I would have chosen this weekend instead of a few weeks later. We would have more time to go around the places we want to visit instead of a very short family weekend vacation with my boys. This is an annual trip we do availing of a promo airfare.

It's gonna be a busy Friday and weekend. Half way through this day already. Off to school for my  little guy's lunch. Have a fab Friday and weekend!

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