Friday, August 02, 2013

Finally a Haircut

Finally had a haircut yesterday while we were waiting to fetch the lil boy from school. I finally tried this Korean salon that opened a new branch at GMall last June. My suki Korean salon closed last April and since then I have been looking for another Korean salon in the city that isn't that expensive and near our area.

Last week if I remember it right, two of the staff at the old suki salon saw me pass by outside this new Korean salon. I was quite surprised to see them there actually. But since the old salon closed they had to find a new job in another one and there they are. It's good to see them there as old familiar faces who knew my preference when it comes to haircut and treatment.

I am happy to have finally have a haircut however the staff who did it must have not listened to my specific instruction not to cut short my hair at both sides of my face. It turned out she did a haircut on me that I had before which was hard to maintain afterwards. I am very particular about the length and cut of my hair on both side of my face and she just did what I would like to avoid. She did not listen and I just smiled there coz I don't want to put her in an awkward position if I complained right? I still gave her a tip so I guess I have somehow conceded though I was initially disappointed she was not listening well and didn't get the style I actually wanted. She probably have not seen Kris A's latest haircut. That's what I actually told her and her companion earlier.

It would be okay if I always had my hair straight after being ironed but I don't get that luxury often so there's a tendency for it to fly away. The sides are too short to be kept in a pony tail. Well I guess I have to find some way to tie my hair from now on. I was wishing anyway I could cut my hair very short. I almost asked her afterwards to just cut it all short but that would mean it would take longer for me to have a hair long enough to be tied into a ponytail.

I am thinking now of going back and have it cut all short. But it's a long wait till I have my long hair back. Maybe by Christmas...

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