Monday, August 26, 2013


A few moms at school which I have come to know this school year were asked to bring or buy various musical instruments for a school project or class performance. I did not hear from the first grade moms though so I assume we won't be needing to buy or bring any instrument to school yet this time. 

Though I was looking recently for a cello out of interest and curiosity when I came upon the tungsten spirocore cello strings at wwbw a few days ago. It gives a greater propensity for musical vibration. They ship to the Philippines by the way in case anyone of you here gets to read this. But those were strings while I was interested in the whole cello instrument. There are a a variety of available wood wind and brasswind instruments for the musicians and musically-inclined people. Now I am going to look for more online stores selling that cello. Any recommendations?

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