Sunday, August 25, 2013

Car Racing McDo Happy Meal Toy


 Car Racing McDo Happy Meal Toy

My little kid requested to eat at McDo this weekend and so after hearing mass we went to the mall and I still tried to persuade him to eat somewhere else. But since he got better grades than I expected in two subjects, I gave in to his request as a reward. Anyway this toy is way more affordable than the one he is asking for Christmas. 

I just noticed the Happy Meal toys this time are like those you would find in another fast food chain. No offense meant but the HM toys seem better before as what the opinions of other moms I know also say. Maybe these are just among the usual toys that they have on ordinary days when there are no special HM toy sets.

Kids still like getting these toys nevertheless. They find happiness in getting these. It just goes away sooner though and then they ask for another one. Can you relate to what am saying? Moms will understand. As long as the kid is happy then HM toy it is. We don't do this often anyway anymore.

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