Friday, August 02, 2013


I used to own a ukelele when I was in grade school. My parents bought me one so I can join a group of select students in the grade school department who will perform for a program at school. I joined that group and was able to perform though it was not perfect but really fun and memorable experience to be part of that select group. I enjoyed the experience and it was fun reminiscing those moments with my grade school classmates then.

I just thought about it when I came across the best banjolele at musicians friend. I was looking into this gold tone banjolele with professional features and construction with huge volume and rugged durability. For a music group or band performing together this is said to be great to add some variety to your stage act and is also perfect as a travel instrument. 

The banjolele indeed reminded me of my memories of my first and only ukelele which I last remember seeing at my parents' house when I was working already for my first company employer and I thought of buying a guitar with my own money from my own pay that time. I wonder if my son would be interested in playing a banjolele other than a guitar or ukelele.

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