Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mic Test

There it goes again... "mic test, mic test, mic test!"

I could hear the cute voice of that little boy from one of our neighbor's house saying those words once again until someone takes the microphone from him when they have a karaoke session with his grandparents. 

It has been their favorite past time since we heard they bought this karaoke equipment last summer. It made me think of that.... which I was looking into the other day while I was waiting for time to fetch our little boy at school and while I could hear the voice of that neighbor's little boy singing a popular song to his heart's content.

Speaking of mic, I am trying to remember where we placed the mic that we have in my parents' house which my older sister I believe left there when she had a vacation here a few years ago. I hope we could still find it and it is still functioning well.

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