Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mic Test

There it goes again... "mic test, mic test, mic test!"

I could hear the cute voice of that little boy from one of our neighbor's house saying those words once again until someone takes the microphone from him when they have a karaoke session with his grandparents. 

It has been their favorite past time since we heard they bought this karaoke equipment last summer. It made me think of that.... which I was looking into the other day while I was waiting for time to fetch our little boy at school and while I could hear the voice of that neighbor's little boy singing a popular song to his heart's content.

Speaking of mic, I am trying to remember where we placed the mic that we have in my parents' house which my older sister I believe left there when she had a vacation here a few years ago. I hope we could still find it and it is still functioning well.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I just woke up and must have slept longer than I should. I left my laptop on and now am back to finish some very important stuff before finally calling it a night. I came across these reg cleaner programs which I read are being wisely positioned as that one click cure to any number of creative computer ailments ranging from general annoyances to outright machine failure.

While cleaning the registry is an important part of overall PC maintenance, I read further that it may cause your computer or laptop to function slower. Well that should be something to thing about. I will let my husband tackle this matter if we need something like these programs or not. He is after all the one who is into the technical details and maintenance of our computer. I will let him take care of this matter and will just let him explain to me later regarding this cleaner.