Saturday, May 18, 2013

Water Fountain

There is a newly finished building that we pass by sometimes on our way to the mall that has an outdoor fountain right in front of its entrance. My son was initially curious on where the flowing water comes from and we had to explain to him how these outdoor water fountains work.

I have read somewhere before that water fountains attract abundance and good fortune. Maybe that's the reason why the building had one installed right in front of the main entrance of the new building.

It made me think it would be nice if we had one in our small front yard. Yes am just wishful thinking as I was looking into the best selection of outdoor fountains the other night while waiting was doing some important stuff that I needed to finish before finally calling it a night. The one I found online and shown here in the photo has a nice design. This one would be perfect to place inside the living room as well. I wish I can convince the husband to get this one when our budget allows us to.

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