Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Light

Just a few days ago we requested for one of the caretakers and helpers in the apartment if he can cut or just trim the tree right in front of our unit. This morning when we woke up, I saw the floor outside the front door a little messy with leaves and other dirt. Then I immediately looked up and saw the left side cleared and we can see the clouds and sky up above a sight which used to be covered of the leaves and branches of the tree.

There is more light into the front area of our unit from now on. It feels like the time when we just moved in here a few years ago when it was so open and no shade from any tree and branches with leaves up there.

When we came home after attending Sunday mass at the mass, having Sunday lunch and a little grocery errand, we saw the front door exposed to the sun and it will be hotter but there will be more light into the front window of our living room area from now on. Initially I thought they didn't get the instructions but I guess we will appreciate how they did it because while there will be more dust coming in due to that unfinished part of the road up ahead in our street, at least there is more light coming in the front area of our place from now on. We no longer turned on our light inside since there is more light especially when the sun is shining bright outside this summer time even in the afternoon.

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