Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dessert to Beat the Heat

Looking for a sweet, cold dessert to beat the heat? The halo-halo is one of the popular and sweet summer treats that one could think of. Since summer started, I would look for this wherever it is available and eat it to feel good despite the heat of summer 2013.

You bet it was a hot summer day and going around to and from school for our little boy made me crave for something delicious and cold to beat the summer heat.

What else did I ever think of? Yes it is the Pinoy halo-halo of Mang Inasal that is also among the cheapest I have bought so far. We went to the mall and had a late lunch with my hubby. We immediately saw Mang Inasal from outside the mall and decided to go there even though I was planning to go elsewhere for lunch.

This halo halo they served tastes really good. It is really sweet and delicious. I love the macapuno they used. You know sometimes with each branch of the same resto chain, they could vary with the taste somehow depending on how much of the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients they use and put in the halo halo. We know there are standard that they have to follow but sometimes they would really differ in the serving. This costs P49.

As I said this particular serving of halo halo was really good and delicious. Sweeter than the first two times I tried their halo-halo at a different branch in AMall.

Thank you Mang Inasal for this petite serving yet delicious and more affordable dessert to beat the summer heat.

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