Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Strong Grip

I was watching the little boy grip the shower knob and I have to keep telling him to make a strong grip in order to fully open it. He still keeps asking for help to open it sometimes as they need to take a shower before the start of his swimming lessons under Red Cross and again after the class before going home. 

I was looking into this triangle pointer knobs which offer strong grip feature but they are more for industrial use and not for residential and commercial use. But they are good for those that need a strong grip. I showed it to the little boy and he just smiled at me. Whatever that means he still needs to learn to give the shower knob a good grip to open it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Table Cover

I do remember that time in a forum when people asked the question for some hotel restaurants these days if they still use table covers or not. They said that it is now common practice among restaurants in the hotel to not use a table cover during breakfast. But there is one new hotel restaurant in the city that does not use table cloths anymore all throughout.

I just remembered it when I was able to look spandex table cover and fitted table cloths that transforms any table or chair into a beautiful eye catching, smooth, wrinkle-free look by using spandex fabric where you never have to worry about wrinkles, especially those used ideally for events, banquets, hospitality industry and conventions.



It's summer and our dear little boy has been asking for a kite for the past few days. I think he first thought about it when he saw kites flying around here and there.

Two days ago, he wrote me a letter that simply said, "Mama I want to buy a kite."

So when we went to National Bookstore when I wanted to buy my fave green Monami ballpen, we immediately saw these there and he instantly got reminded of what he asked for. The husband - his dad however said that it is quite expensive.

It took quite sometime for the dad to convince the little boy not to buy one of these kites yet. I don't know what hubby really wanted to happen but I feel the little boy's wish is something I have to make come true myself soon one of these days.