Thursday, March 28, 2013


So we have joined in the 4pics1word game craze which is somewhat better than Candy Crush since it is more educational in a sense.

My little guy gets to think of the words and it was not a surprise that he knew this word... ZOMBIE. He learned it from some of his classmates plus getting to play the game Plants vs Zombies for a short time before but just recently. No that game has been deleted immediately. It isn't something nice for kids. I haven't played it ever since and have no plans of playing it even now.

I had to let him guess the word and he got it in just 2 seconds. Yes he is catching up quickly guessing the words correctly. 

There is a new game app I want to play. I will still have to download it. I am getting bored with this game. I do limit play time only when we are out of the house and during waiting time. I try not to play this at home since there are many chores and work that needs to be done. Right dad? *wink*

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