Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guitar Session

The boys in the neighborhood plus some of their friends from school had a guitar session this afternoon. It was nice to see them altogether and hearing the music they played. The little guy asked if he could watch and listen to them play the guitar for a few minutes when we arrived home this afternoon. I could not say no so we allowed him for a few minutes.

As I listened to the boys play their guitars, I recalled the .... particularly the dot plain-top electric guitar with gloss finish and classic semi-hollow body design that is great for jazz, blues, or rock. It  has a sweet sound they said that you won't find elsewhere. 

I like how the boys are spending their afternoon now that school is over and they are all on summer vacation by having a nice and fun guitar session with their friends. In the future or a few years from now, our little boy may be doing that perhaps during their summer vacation as well.

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