Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Music

Friday afternoon was spent partly listening on some good music. There is something about Good Friday that makes me listening to meaningful, good music. Those kind of music that makes you relax, reflect and think about one's life.

Speaking of good music, I remember about first time to hear about this ... complete mastering system with eight different components that a friend of mine who is into music and she mentioned that to me while we met during the closing ceremony of the preschool in the school where my little boy goes to.  

I am now going to search for more good music to put in my phone so I can listen to them anytime especially when I need to relax and reflect as well at the same time.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


So we have joined in the 4pics1word game craze which is somewhat better than Candy Crush since it is more educational in a sense.

My little guy gets to think of the words and it was not a surprise that he knew this word... ZOMBIE. He learned it from some of his classmates plus getting to play the game Plants vs Zombies for a short time before but just recently. No that game has been deleted immediately. It isn't something nice for kids. I haven't played it ever since and have no plans of playing it even now.

I had to let him guess the word and he got it in just 2 seconds. Yes he is catching up quickly guessing the words correctly. 

There is a new game app I want to play. I will still have to download it. I am getting bored with this game. I do limit play time only when we are out of the house and during waiting time. I try not to play this at home since there are many chores and work that needs to be done. Right dad? *wink*

Guitar Session

The boys in the neighborhood plus some of their friends from school had a guitar session this afternoon. It was nice to see them altogether and hearing the music they played. The little guy asked if he could watch and listen to them play the guitar for a few minutes when we arrived home this afternoon. I could not say no so we allowed him for a few minutes.

As I listened to the boys play their guitars, I recalled the .... particularly the dot plain-top electric guitar with gloss finish and classic semi-hollow body design that is great for jazz, blues, or rock. It  has a sweet sound they said that you won't find elsewhere. 

I like how the boys are spending their afternoon now that school is over and they are all on summer vacation by having a nice and fun guitar session with their friends. In the future or a few years from now, our little boy may be doing that perhaps during their summer vacation as well.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sesame Seed Doughnut

I found these "binangkal" or what they call as sesame seed doughnut in English. It is a known Filipino dessert that is popular in Cebu. 

Here in Davao City, people who buy it in the local bakery also love it. I am one of those who truly like eating this whenever it is available in our neighbor's store. Those were my fond memories two decades ago when so much younger and I was still living in my parents house. In our neighborhood we have a neighbor with a sari-sari store and there are also bakeries there which makes and sell this kind of doughnut.

I love it when I get to eat it when it is just cooked and still hot. Yummy! I posted this photo on my Instagram and Facebook. I got two friends who shared the same love for the binangkal. 

How about you? Do you love these as well? *wink*

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Better Sure Than Sorry

It is always better to be sure than sorry when you hire people to work and live with you in your own home. These are the people you may entrust not only your home and property but take not the lives of your family, loved ones and especially your precious dear children may be at stake.

I have been hearing stories shared by friends of friends who had a bad experience to share about hired helpers at home.A friend once recommended the background checks for those who might need to do some reading on doing background checks on people who get hired to work for you. It is always better sure that your life and property are in good hands. We have heard of bad stories before and we do not want to be included in that statistic. Again, we must remind ourselves better sure than sorry.