Tuesday, February 26, 2013


After browsing through some photos, I cannot help but think of Paris which is in my mind right now. I wish my sister and I could travel there together one day. It will be a great childhood dream that will hopefully do come true.
A friend of mine has asked us for help in looking for a new apartment near where we are now. Our apartment is convenient to business establishment, banks, restaurants, and at least three malls in the city. I wish we can move our lives there as easy as a snap living in an apartment in Paris.

I remember someone I knew before who at one time was looking for paris luxury apartment rentals where you can have the opportunity to experience Paris as either a native in your own apartment or a pampered tourist/visitor in a luxury apartment with the exclusive use of concierge service. I came across one Paris luxury experience curator before.  They were catering to families and groups of 4 or more and also cater to solo travelers and couples who just want bigger space when it comes to apartment rentals there.

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