Saturday, January 12, 2013


I placed something in our oven for our lunch on this bed-weather Saturday. I am somehow thinking if it would be better if we have a microwave oven instead. That may make things easier and done quicker I guess.

Just thought about it as well since I am thinking of ovens since last night. From those laboratory ovens that I came across from a supplier/seller that I found where one can find a large range of different laboratory ovens, as well as hot plates, furnaces and incubators. They only carry name brand products which as one should expect from any supplier or distributor only those that are fully warrantied by the manufacturers that should be delivering high quality laboratory products at affordable prices of course.

Going back to the microwave oven, maybe I could check it out in the home appliance section in the mall when I would have time this week. It would be nice to have one at home maybe.

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