Monday, January 21, 2013

Wooden Chair

We went with my friend Aubrey to the Ikea reseller store here in the city at their main branch in Matina near Ateneo while we waited for another college classmate who we were supposed to meet one afternoon while our kids were still in school. 

I was looking for a stepper which my little boy can use when he washes his hands at the kitchen sink. This one was quite expensive on my budget though this would have been a better choice had I known compared to the plastic one I actually bought at a cheaper price. 

I just remembered about this as I am browsing through these wood church chairs now which are uniquely designed for a flexible sanctuary. This wooden stepper would have served the purpose of something that my dear little boy could step on comfortably. Well I guess we just have to make do with the plastic one for now.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Let Him Sleep

The little boy thankfully fell asleep an hour ago and I hope he will sleep the whole night through so that I can focus of some things that I need to finish tonight. He was really sleepy already a few hours ago but he was really still keen on watching the cartoons that he found in his dad's computer and he watched it for hours already.

Good thing it is a Saturday but his eyes needs to rest and I cannot concentrate since every now and then he would be making the volume louder to listen more of the show he was watching earlier. Hopefully I can finish all the work now in peace and quiet. Let him sleep through the night and wake up in the morning already. I really hope so.


My little boy was saying the word "Test" this afternoon while we were eating my simple penne salad for our snacks and dinner today. What he actually meant by the word test was to check if the penne was still hard or soft enough to eat. 

I just thought about it once again hours after that while I came across this holter test and I just thought about the word test that he kept saying a few times over a few hours ago.

Now I gonna test myself if I could stop myself from calling the food delivery service from the nearby fast food chain because I really want to drink their coffee float drink. That has been tested and proven by yours truly as an effective coffee that keeps me awake till the wee hours of the morning. I want their burger as well for midnight snack later on. We will see if I can pass the test after all. I am this close already to picking up the phone.

Work is a BLESSING

Work is a BLESSING indeed. Even if it means working on a weekend, I would welcome it for they are blessings we always ask for right! I just have to finish work fast and get some time for a break later.

I am also thinking of finding part time work or maybe a small business to start with. But that needs more planning and thinking to see how I can work that out especially when the little boy goes to school whole day next school year which hopefully means more available time for me to do more productive things like WORK.

I like being a work at home mom and I wish to stay that way yet having an income is still something we all aim for a living and we have bills to pay so it is just being practical.


I placed something in our oven for our lunch on this bed-weather Saturday. I am somehow thinking if it would be better if we have a microwave oven instead. That may make things easier and done quicker I guess.

Just thought about it as well since I am thinking of ovens since last night. From those laboratory ovens that I came across from a supplier/seller that I found where one can find a large range of different laboratory ovens, as well as hot plates, furnaces and incubators. They only carry name brand products which as one should expect from any supplier or distributor only those that are fully warrantied by the manufacturers that should be delivering high quality laboratory products at affordable prices of course.

Going back to the microwave oven, maybe I could check it out in the home appliance section in the mall when I would have time this week. It would be nice to have one at home maybe.

Busy Day Ahead

Woke up to a quite sunny day after days of being gloomy but that is now gone as the clouds once again covered our skies over here. Makes it an excuse to stay home perhaps and do what needs to be done today because I know this is going to be one busy and long day ahead.

Though I want to take a break later and maybe take a quick trip to one of the nearest malls and grab some bite of food with the little boy who is busy himself as well.

I really hope to get things done quickly and finish before the day ends so that I could still have time to enjoy this Saturday, a weekend without hubby here with us. Yes I wish it is Sunday already. Come home now dad! We miss you!