Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Live Music

We went out for dinner and a quick trip to the grocery. On our way home, we passed by an establishment that was having live music entertainment with songs and music that I like. I can only wish we can stop over and enjoy the music but there are still classes tomorrow and hubby is off to work as well. So we just have to check that out some other time perhaps this Friday night or this weekend.

I would like to enjoy this holiday month with a lot of music to sooth and relax especially after a long week day. Last night I was browsing though this live sound equipment at music123 with a selection that will have you sounding your best they say, while I was looking for an amplifier as well for my sister for their community program activity.

I love live music and so I appreciate those malls, leisure and dining establishments that make an effort to bring live music to people especially their valued, loyal customers.

Garlic Fried Tuna - licious


This garlic fried tuna is tunalicious! I love how it was cooked and the garlic tasted just perfect. I am not much into garlic but it tasted good and I like it. The tuna tasted fresh and this was really delicious.

This is from a new resto concept opening on December 8, 2013 here in Davao City. Check out Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps along J.P. Laurel Avenue near DCWD and before reaching SM Lanang.

You got to try their crabs, shrimps and mussels cooked in food grade boiling bags with choices of regular, mild, extra spicy Cajun-spiced sauce.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I love to dance and I know you do too! A few mothers at school had been interested in enrolling in a dance class at a gym in the city near the school. I just don't match the schedule of the classes given with the daily schedule my husband and I have during school days. I would love to enroll in a dance class as a form of daily exercise aside from the daily walking that I do since I can't run as much as I want to.

I once had a mommy friend in LA who wanted to get fit after she gave birth to her second child. She has been a dancer in our school way back in our high school days. We both want to get back to our high school days form you know thin as we can ever be then. It make us think of getting interested to enrol to dance classes in santa monica for example. I am just too far away from her but I would love to join her if only we're that near. 

For now I just have to content myself with dancing and following to those dance moves in dance numbers done of our old fave TV shows especially during weekends particularly Sunday. After all for those who love to dance, we can dance right here at the comfort of our home right?

Chocnut Flavored McDo Sundae Cone Dip


Well this Chocnut Flavored McDo Sundae Cone Dip has become my latest fave of affordable treats at McDo whenever we pass by the desserts station that they have placed outside the branch nearest us. This is among McDonald's 2013 holiday dessert treats.

This dip costs P15 which costs five pesos more than the usual sundae I used to buy when I crave for it. It is still cheaper by ten pesos than the sundae choco hot fudge that I used to buy.

Who loves this brown sundae cone dip with a sweet Choco Peanut flavor and aroma. It is only available in Dessert Centers of McDo and is on limited time offer only during this holiday season. 


Riding in the Cold

The weather lately has been colder outside at certain times. Just like last night, we were riding in a motorcycle with a side car (or what is known as a tricycle as it is commonly called around here) on our way to one of the malls near our place.

Riding in the cold especially at night can get uncomfortable at times. Plus we don't want to get sick because it is the time of the year over here when it gets cold especially at night. I have been thinking about the heated motorcycle gear I was looking into the other day during a quick break from our daily routine and I got some time to sit down and browse with my laptop. 

It has been getting cold the past few days and riding in the cold can be an adventure but human as we are we need to protect ourselves from the cold weather for the last thing we need during this holiday season is getting ourselves sick. Take care and enjoy the weather still.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calamansi Juice


We had pure calamansi juice with no sugar added... just calamansi and water. I did not find a good american lemon in the grocery the last time we were there and so I just settled for calamansi for now.

Here are some benefits of Calamansi juice:
  • Helps cure coughs and expel the phlegm.
  • Helpful in dealing with a hangover.
  • Maintains kidney health.
  • Great tonic for the liver.
  • Prevent diabetes.
  • Lowers blood cholesterol.
  • Prevent and cure osteoarthritis.
Other benefits are said to be:
  • Skin bleaching agent.
  • Lighten urine color.
  • Serves as body cleanser.
  • Use as body deodorant.
  • Lightens dark area of the body like armpits and elbows.
  • Lightens freckles.
  • Good as mouthwash.
  • Eliminates morning breath.
Well I know there are other benefits aside from these. One thing for sure this is better that drinking soda or carbonated drinks. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

It's a Holiday...

It's a holiday over here and I got some limited time to look or search for something online while the internet connection is really still wonky. There's no work for most people here since it is local election day. 

The husband has no work because it just so happen that it is also his day off from work. He has time spent most at home today. I was asking him earlier if he wants to click here for something that he has been looking for like those switches and sensors that we were talking about last week.

Then the talk about sensors came up once again when I was trying to figure out what is wrong with the internet connection like it had some kind of sensor that once I try to do work, it starts to give a request time out at once when we ping.

Well it is a working holiday for me and I just need the internet to be working back normally and smoothly.

No Rebate

I finally got to know how much amount we will get from our ISP in case we get lucky to ever have an approved rebate for no internet connection. 

It is ONLY P29.73! What?

And for one to avail of that, it must require TWENTY FOUR (24) HOURS CONTINUOUS NO internet service connection. You must be able to report the problem also to them and count from then on. 

Less than P30.00 that requires a whole day of no internet connection. What one customer could lose in terms of productivity, work, browsing and surfing time in 24 hours could not be paid for that P29.73.

Especially for those who work online and who has pending due tasks to do that needs internet connection, do you think it's fair? Will it compensate to 24 hours of loss of internet connection?

Dear ISP you can just keep my P29.73 rebate because what your customers really need is the high quality of service that you have promised us at all times. It is disappointing that your technician made us wait for 8 hours for nothing. Not one call from the technician nor any feedback from the CSRs as well. This problem has been reported days before and yet we will still get NO REBATE at all.  

Monday, August 26, 2013


A few moms at school which I have come to know this school year were asked to bring or buy various musical instruments for a school project or class performance. I did not hear from the first grade moms though so I assume we won't be needing to buy or bring any instrument to school yet this time. 

Though I was looking recently for a cello out of interest and curiosity when I came upon the tungsten spirocore cello strings at wwbw a few days ago. It gives a greater propensity for musical vibration. They ship to the Philippines by the way in case anyone of you here gets to read this. But those were strings while I was interested in the whole cello instrument. There are a a variety of available wood wind and brasswind instruments for the musicians and musically-inclined people. Now I am going to look for more online stores selling that cello. Any recommendations?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Car Racing McDo Happy Meal Toy


 Car Racing McDo Happy Meal Toy

My little kid requested to eat at McDo this weekend and so after hearing mass we went to the mall and I still tried to persuade him to eat somewhere else. But since he got better grades than I expected in two subjects, I gave in to his request as a reward. Anyway this toy is way more affordable than the one he is asking for Christmas. 

I just noticed the Happy Meal toys this time are like those you would find in another fast food chain. No offense meant but the HM toys seem better before as what the opinions of other moms I know also say. Maybe these are just among the usual toys that they have on ordinary days when there are no special HM toy sets.

Kids still like getting these toys nevertheless. They find happiness in getting these. It just goes away sooner though and then they ask for another one. Can you relate to what am saying? Moms will understand. As long as the kid is happy then HM toy it is. We don't do this often anyway anymore.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Party Invitations With Oktoberfest Leaves

Oktoberfest leaves invitation cards

invitation cards for Octoberfest party
Oktoberfest preparations this year in Munich, Germany are well on their way and the beer tents are work in progress in preparation for visitors who will be coming there soon. Are your party invitations with Oktoberfest leaves just like the one you see to the right ready to be sent out to your guests and visitors aside from your family and friends who must be all equally excited and expectant to get those invites soon? 

I really hope those invites are ready. If not, then you may want to check these unique and exclusive designs available only at They also can throw in ten free cards for you, with free shipping, same day print and ship, your proof within one hour, and more. I am sure you want those Octoberfest leaves invites for party celebrations to stand out and shows the appropriate theme. 

This famous beer festival which is a German holiday has become a worldwide celebration and it is a season of fun as the Germans put it so those party invitations got to be really something special.

Friday, August 02, 2013


Thank goodness it's Friday! It may be a busy weekend but we still look forward to two days rest at home. This two-day break from school though will be spent studying for the coming three day first grading exam. Followed by two day of no classes making it a long weekend for me and my boys. 

I am honestly looking forward to that long weekend and much more for the little boy. Had I known about this last year when we booked our tickets to Manila, I would have chosen this weekend instead of a few weeks later. We would have more time to go around the places we want to visit instead of a very short family weekend vacation with my boys. This is an annual trip we do availing of a promo airfare.

It's gonna be a busy Friday and weekend. Half way through this day already. Off to school for my  little guy's lunch. Have a fab Friday and weekend!


I used to own a ukelele when I was in grade school. My parents bought me one so I can join a group of select students in the grade school department who will perform for a program at school. I joined that group and was able to perform though it was not perfect but really fun and memorable experience to be part of that select group. I enjoyed the experience and it was fun reminiscing those moments with my grade school classmates then.

I just thought about it when I came across the best banjolele at musicians friend. I was looking into this gold tone banjolele with professional features and construction with huge volume and rugged durability. For a music group or band performing together this is said to be great to add some variety to your stage act and is also perfect as a travel instrument. 

The banjolele indeed reminded me of my memories of my first and only ukelele which I last remember seeing at my parents' house when I was working already for my first company employer and I thought of buying a guitar with my own money from my own pay that time. I wonder if my son would be interested in playing a banjolele other than a guitar or ukelele.

Finally a Haircut

Finally had a haircut yesterday while we were waiting to fetch the lil boy from school. I finally tried this Korean salon that opened a new branch at GMall last June. My suki Korean salon closed last April and since then I have been looking for another Korean salon in the city that isn't that expensive and near our area.

Last week if I remember it right, two of the staff at the old suki salon saw me pass by outside this new Korean salon. I was quite surprised to see them there actually. But since the old salon closed they had to find a new job in another one and there they are. It's good to see them there as old familiar faces who knew my preference when it comes to haircut and treatment.

I am happy to have finally have a haircut however the staff who did it must have not listened to my specific instruction not to cut short my hair at both sides of my face. It turned out she did a haircut on me that I had before which was hard to maintain afterwards. I am very particular about the length and cut of my hair on both side of my face and she just did what I would like to avoid. She did not listen and I just smiled there coz I don't want to put her in an awkward position if I complained right? I still gave her a tip so I guess I have somehow conceded though I was initially disappointed she was not listening well and didn't get the style I actually wanted. She probably have not seen Kris A's latest haircut. That's what I actually told her and her companion earlier.

It would be okay if I always had my hair straight after being ironed but I don't get that luxury often so there's a tendency for it to fly away. The sides are too short to be kept in a pony tail. Well I guess I have to find some way to tie my hair from now on. I was wishing anyway I could cut my hair very short. I almost asked her afterwards to just cut it all short but that would mean it would take longer for me to have a hair long enough to be tied into a ponytail.

I am thinking now of going back and have it cut all short. But it's a long wait till I have my long hair back. Maybe by Christmas...

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today would have been a nice day to hit the beach and have a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A fave beach resort here is just a five-minute boat ride away. A local fashion celebrity is visiting one of the beach resorts near that resort I have in mind right now. Yes life at the beach during weekend is something we wish for when you live a busy life each day from Monday to Friday.

It would be nice also to take a swim since it has been quite sometime since I took a dip at the pool or swam at the beach. The last time I did was probably when we had an island hopping tour in Samal. That was the time too when I wanted to buy a swimwear when I came across plus swim wear at online when I did a little window shopping online for a possible new swimwear. But I stuck to my old swimwear then. 

Now looking a our old photos of previous beach outing and island hopping tour makes me wish we have more time this weekend to go to the beach.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mic Test

There it goes again... "mic test, mic test, mic test!"

I could hear the cute voice of that little boy from one of our neighbor's house saying those words once again until someone takes the microphone from him when they have a karaoke session with his grandparents. 

It has been their favorite past time since we heard they bought this karaoke equipment last summer. It made me think of that.... which I was looking into the other day while I was waiting for time to fetch our little boy at school and while I could hear the voice of that neighbor's little boy singing a popular song to his heart's content.

Speaking of mic, I am trying to remember where we placed the mic that we have in my parents' house which my older sister I believe left there when she had a vacation here a few years ago. I hope we could still find it and it is still functioning well.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I just woke up and must have slept longer than I should. I left my laptop on and now am back to finish some very important stuff before finally calling it a night. I came across these reg cleaner programs which I read are being wisely positioned as that one click cure to any number of creative computer ailments ranging from general annoyances to outright machine failure.

While cleaning the registry is an important part of overall PC maintenance, I read further that it may cause your computer or laptop to function slower. Well that should be something to thing about. I will let my husband tackle this matter if we need something like these programs or not. He is after all the one who is into the technical details and maintenance of our computer. I will let him take care of this matter and will just let him explain to me later regarding this cleaner.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Light

Just a few days ago we requested for one of the caretakers and helpers in the apartment if he can cut or just trim the tree right in front of our unit. This morning when we woke up, I saw the floor outside the front door a little messy with leaves and other dirt. Then I immediately looked up and saw the left side cleared and we can see the clouds and sky up above a sight which used to be covered of the leaves and branches of the tree.

There is more light into the front area of our unit from now on. It feels like the time when we just moved in here a few years ago when it was so open and no shade from any tree and branches with leaves up there.

When we came home after attending Sunday mass at the mass, having Sunday lunch and a little grocery errand, we saw the front door exposed to the sun and it will be hotter but there will be more light into the front window of our living room area from now on. Initially I thought they didn't get the instructions but I guess we will appreciate how they did it because while there will be more dust coming in due to that unfinished part of the road up ahead in our street, at least there is more light coming in the front area of our place from now on. We no longer turned on our light inside since there is more light especially when the sun is shining bright outside this summer time even in the afternoon.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Water Fountain

There is a newly finished building that we pass by sometimes on our way to the mall that has an outdoor fountain right in front of its entrance. My son was initially curious on where the flowing water comes from and we had to explain to him how these outdoor water fountains work.

I have read somewhere before that water fountains attract abundance and good fortune. Maybe that's the reason why the building had one installed right in front of the main entrance of the new building.

It made me think it would be nice if we had one in our small front yard. Yes am just wishful thinking as I was looking into the best selection of outdoor fountains the other night while waiting was doing some important stuff that I needed to finish before finally calling it a night. The one I found online and shown here in the photo has a nice design. This one would be perfect to place inside the living room as well. I wish I can convince the husband to get this one when our budget allows us to.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dessert to Beat the Heat

Looking for a sweet, cold dessert to beat the heat? The halo-halo is one of the popular and sweet summer treats that one could think of. Since summer started, I would look for this wherever it is available and eat it to feel good despite the heat of summer 2013.

You bet it was a hot summer day and going around to and from school for our little boy made me crave for something delicious and cold to beat the summer heat.

What else did I ever think of? Yes it is the Pinoy halo-halo of Mang Inasal that is also among the cheapest I have bought so far. We went to the mall and had a late lunch with my hubby. We immediately saw Mang Inasal from outside the mall and decided to go there even though I was planning to go elsewhere for lunch.

This halo halo they served tastes really good. It is really sweet and delicious. I love the macapuno they used. You know sometimes with each branch of the same resto chain, they could vary with the taste somehow depending on how much of the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients they use and put in the halo halo. We know there are standard that they have to follow but sometimes they would really differ in the serving. This costs P49.

As I said this particular serving of halo halo was really good and delicious. Sweeter than the first two times I tried their halo-halo at a different branch in AMall.

Thank you Mang Inasal for this petite serving yet delicious and more affordable dessert to beat the summer heat.

Monday, May 06, 2013


Getting shiny, new coins makes me think once again of starting to collect them once again for the next coin shower. A tradition that we practice in the family whenever there are special family celebrations especially during birthdays, Christmas and New Year family celebrations.

I thought about the shiny silver coins I have been getting a change lately from the stores in the mall. There were silver eagle coins that got me interested in a few months back. That was the time when I was curious about those accurately graded high quality coins that one can buy. 

Well my coin collection could use a new start and I can fill up my still almost empty blue plastic piggy bank for more shiny, new coins to collect.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Excited for Despicable Me 2


Yes the boys and I are excited for Despicable Me 2 in cinemas this 2013. This is a sequel to the 2010 animated film Despicable Me movie of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.

My little boy is the one most excited among the three of us. He first saw this and he said he wants to watch it in the cinema. Had to tell him it ain't showing just yet. But the three of us will surely be watching this movie in the cinema and if there is 3D version then we will save up for that because this movie should be watched in 3D... say IMAX 3D! 

This movie in 3D will surely be worth watching it as we have observed in the movie teasers and trailers shown in cinemas already.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Strong Grip

I was watching the little boy grip the shower knob and I have to keep telling him to make a strong grip in order to fully open it. He still keeps asking for help to open it sometimes as they need to take a shower before the start of his swimming lessons under Red Cross and again after the class before going home. 

I was looking into this triangle pointer knobs which offer strong grip feature but they are more for industrial use and not for residential and commercial use. But they are good for those that need a strong grip. I showed it to the little boy and he just smiled at me. Whatever that means he still needs to learn to give the shower knob a good grip to open it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Table Cover

I do remember that time in a forum when people asked the question for some hotel restaurants these days if they still use table covers or not. They said that it is now common practice among restaurants in the hotel to not use a table cover during breakfast. But there is one new hotel restaurant in the city that does not use table cloths anymore all throughout.

I just remembered it when I was able to look spandex table cover and fitted table cloths that transforms any table or chair into a beautiful eye catching, smooth, wrinkle-free look by using spandex fabric where you never have to worry about wrinkles, especially those used ideally for events, banquets, hospitality industry and conventions.



It's summer and our dear little boy has been asking for a kite for the past few days. I think he first thought about it when he saw kites flying around here and there.

Two days ago, he wrote me a letter that simply said, "Mama I want to buy a kite."

So when we went to National Bookstore when I wanted to buy my fave green Monami ballpen, we immediately saw these there and he instantly got reminded of what he asked for. The husband - his dad however said that it is quite expensive.

It took quite sometime for the dad to convince the little boy not to buy one of these kites yet. I don't know what hubby really wanted to happen but I feel the little boy's wish is something I have to make come true myself soon one of these days. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Music

Friday afternoon was spent partly listening on some good music. There is something about Good Friday that makes me listening to meaningful, good music. Those kind of music that makes you relax, reflect and think about one's life.

Speaking of good music, I remember about first time to hear about this ... complete mastering system with eight different components that a friend of mine who is into music and she mentioned that to me while we met during the closing ceremony of the preschool in the school where my little boy goes to.  

I am now going to search for more good music to put in my phone so I can listen to them anytime especially when I need to relax and reflect as well at the same time.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


So we have joined in the 4pics1word game craze which is somewhat better than Candy Crush since it is more educational in a sense.

My little guy gets to think of the words and it was not a surprise that he knew this word... ZOMBIE. He learned it from some of his classmates plus getting to play the game Plants vs Zombies for a short time before but just recently. No that game has been deleted immediately. It isn't something nice for kids. I haven't played it ever since and have no plans of playing it even now.

I had to let him guess the word and he got it in just 2 seconds. Yes he is catching up quickly guessing the words correctly. 

There is a new game app I want to play. I will still have to download it. I am getting bored with this game. I do limit play time only when we are out of the house and during waiting time. I try not to play this at home since there are many chores and work that needs to be done. Right dad? *wink*

Guitar Session

The boys in the neighborhood plus some of their friends from school had a guitar session this afternoon. It was nice to see them altogether and hearing the music they played. The little guy asked if he could watch and listen to them play the guitar for a few minutes when we arrived home this afternoon. I could not say no so we allowed him for a few minutes.

As I listened to the boys play their guitars, I recalled the .... particularly the dot plain-top electric guitar with gloss finish and classic semi-hollow body design that is great for jazz, blues, or rock. It  has a sweet sound they said that you won't find elsewhere. 

I like how the boys are spending their afternoon now that school is over and they are all on summer vacation by having a nice and fun guitar session with their friends. In the future or a few years from now, our little boy may be doing that perhaps during their summer vacation as well.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sesame Seed Doughnut

I found these "binangkal" or what they call as sesame seed doughnut in English. It is a known Filipino dessert that is popular in Cebu. 

Here in Davao City, people who buy it in the local bakery also love it. I am one of those who truly like eating this whenever it is available in our neighbor's store. Those were my fond memories two decades ago when so much younger and I was still living in my parents house. In our neighborhood we have a neighbor with a sari-sari store and there are also bakeries there which makes and sell this kind of doughnut.

I love it when I get to eat it when it is just cooked and still hot. Yummy! I posted this photo on my Instagram and Facebook. I got two friends who shared the same love for the binangkal. 

How about you? Do you love these as well? *wink*

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Better Sure Than Sorry

It is always better to be sure than sorry when you hire people to work and live with you in your own home. These are the people you may entrust not only your home and property but take not the lives of your family, loved ones and especially your precious dear children may be at stake.

I have been hearing stories shared by friends of friends who had a bad experience to share about hired helpers at home.A friend once recommended the background checks for those who might need to do some reading on doing background checks on people who get hired to work for you. It is always better sure that your life and property are in good hands. We have heard of bad stories before and we do not want to be included in that statistic. Again, we must remind ourselves better sure than sorry. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milk Tea

I was craving for milk tea when I started working on a few important stuff that needs to be done today after the little boy and the hubby left for work this afternoon to go to school and work respectively. I posted a tweet and an online friend suggested I make my own at home which is easy and healthier. 

Indeed I agree with her. This milk tea craze is still invading our town for those who can relate and understand what I am talking about. There are also more cheaper milk teas that will do to satisfy just your craving for milk tea and we have one with two branches near where we live. One at the school next street and the other branch is at one of the mall nearby.

I do ask myself though whenever I drink it if it is indeed a healthy drink or at least a healthier option compared to other drinks like soda and coffee. Well it boils down to that thought that it would be healthier if I go for the tea in a tea bag and just put it in hot water just like what my online friend does at home.

Yes I will challenge myself even just for today for a start to skip milk tea. I was able to avoid buying at Chatime in SM Lanang when we were there a few time the past day/week or so.   

Go for the usual hot tea in a bag. It may be a lot healthier option don't you think? *wink*


After browsing through some photos, I cannot help but think of Paris which is in my mind right now. I wish my sister and I could travel there together one day. It will be a great childhood dream that will hopefully do come true.
A friend of mine has asked us for help in looking for a new apartment near where we are now. Our apartment is convenient to business establishment, banks, restaurants, and at least three malls in the city. I wish we can move our lives there as easy as a snap living in an apartment in Paris.

I remember someone I knew before who at one time was looking for paris luxury apartment rentals where you can have the opportunity to experience Paris as either a native in your own apartment or a pampered tourist/visitor in a luxury apartment with the exclusive use of concierge service. I came across one Paris luxury experience curator before.  They were catering to families and groups of 4 or more and also cater to solo travelers and couples who just want bigger space when it comes to apartment rentals there.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Red Cups Still Here


The red cups are still here! Starbucks branch in SM Lanang is still using red cups until now. Last year from what I recall they stopped using the red cups as soon as they planner promo ended as well. This year they extended the use of these particular cups. 

There was another branch who had little supply of the red cups even before their holiday drinks promo ended. While this branch continues to use it until supply lasts. They even still have the Toffee Nut Latte drink which is a holiday drink. It is not in the menu anymore but they sometimes offer or recommend it to the customer ordering drinks at the counter.
These cups could also pass as cups to celebrate in time for Valentine's Day in a couple of days or for the recent Chinese new year. 

Used Electric Bass Guitar

A friend of my cousin is selling his used electric bass guitar. I am quite interested and if only we have the extra money right now, I would be really interested in the possibility of getting it if the price is right. 

A couple of days ago, I was passing by the store in the mall that sells musical instruments and they have a variety of electric guitars. Our dear little boy always wants to go to that store to try the different instruments making me think all the more that he has interest in music and playing a music instrument.

Yesterday while I was waiting for the little boy, I went online and came across this.... featuring a modern, ergonomic design. It has the look deserving of a spot on the wall, on a stage, in the studio, and definitely in your arms as the seller puts it.

I wish I'd be able to get my dear little boy something to play on and if it be a new or used electric bass guitar as long as he shows a passion to play it regularly during his free time from school and home work then why not.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wooden Chair

We went with my friend Aubrey to the Ikea reseller store here in the city at their main branch in Matina near Ateneo while we waited for another college classmate who we were supposed to meet one afternoon while our kids were still in school. 

I was looking for a stepper which my little boy can use when he washes his hands at the kitchen sink. This one was quite expensive on my budget though this would have been a better choice had I known compared to the plastic one I actually bought at a cheaper price. 

I just remembered about this as I am browsing through these wood church chairs now which are uniquely designed for a flexible sanctuary. This wooden stepper would have served the purpose of something that my dear little boy could step on comfortably. Well I guess we just have to make do with the plastic one for now.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Let Him Sleep

The little boy thankfully fell asleep an hour ago and I hope he will sleep the whole night through so that I can focus of some things that I need to finish tonight. He was really sleepy already a few hours ago but he was really still keen on watching the cartoons that he found in his dad's computer and he watched it for hours already.

Good thing it is a Saturday but his eyes needs to rest and I cannot concentrate since every now and then he would be making the volume louder to listen more of the show he was watching earlier. Hopefully I can finish all the work now in peace and quiet. Let him sleep through the night and wake up in the morning already. I really hope so.


My little boy was saying the word "Test" this afternoon while we were eating my simple penne salad for our snacks and dinner today. What he actually meant by the word test was to check if the penne was still hard or soft enough to eat. 

I just thought about it once again hours after that while I came across this holter test and I just thought about the word test that he kept saying a few times over a few hours ago.

Now I gonna test myself if I could stop myself from calling the food delivery service from the nearby fast food chain because I really want to drink their coffee float drink. That has been tested and proven by yours truly as an effective coffee that keeps me awake till the wee hours of the morning. I want their burger as well for midnight snack later on. We will see if I can pass the test after all. I am this close already to picking up the phone.

Work is a BLESSING

Work is a BLESSING indeed. Even if it means working on a weekend, I would welcome it for they are blessings we always ask for right! I just have to finish work fast and get some time for a break later.

I am also thinking of finding part time work or maybe a small business to start with. But that needs more planning and thinking to see how I can work that out especially when the little boy goes to school whole day next school year which hopefully means more available time for me to do more productive things like WORK.

I like being a work at home mom and I wish to stay that way yet having an income is still something we all aim for a living and we have bills to pay so it is just being practical.


I placed something in our oven for our lunch on this bed-weather Saturday. I am somehow thinking if it would be better if we have a microwave oven instead. That may make things easier and done quicker I guess.

Just thought about it as well since I am thinking of ovens since last night. From those laboratory ovens that I came across from a supplier/seller that I found where one can find a large range of different laboratory ovens, as well as hot plates, furnaces and incubators. They only carry name brand products which as one should expect from any supplier or distributor only those that are fully warrantied by the manufacturers that should be delivering high quality laboratory products at affordable prices of course.

Going back to the microwave oven, maybe I could check it out in the home appliance section in the mall when I would have time this week. It would be nice to have one at home maybe.

Busy Day Ahead

Woke up to a quite sunny day after days of being gloomy but that is now gone as the clouds once again covered our skies over here. Makes it an excuse to stay home perhaps and do what needs to be done today because I know this is going to be one busy and long day ahead.

Though I want to take a break later and maybe take a quick trip to one of the nearest malls and grab some bite of food with the little boy who is busy himself as well.

I really hope to get things done quickly and finish before the day ends so that I could still have time to enjoy this Saturday, a weekend without hubby here with us. Yes I wish it is Sunday already. Come home now dad! We miss you!