Sunday, October 21, 2012

Classical Christmas Medley Music

I started this Sunday listening to Classical Christmas Medley Music to relax myself from this pressing CR prob that we have in the house that we heard our next door neighbor has also been experiencing since last week. 

I got to put that behind me and try to relax and I know that listening to Christmas songs especially classical and instrumental music will help me relax faster. We are fast approaching Christmas and the Christmas season over here has started when September came in.

I like this medley that I found recently. I will have to bookmark this so that the next time I feel like listening to it again while I am working, I could easily find it and listen to it once again. Maybe I could explore iTunes and see what nice Christmas songs I could find there.

It ain't too early for us here and so I say Merry Christmas everyone! *wink*

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have not gotten a mail for quite a long time now except when I get mails from the bank and other companies. The latest I got was from my bank. I could just imagine how tedious it may seem for the person in charge in the bank to send so many mails to all clients nationwide whenever they need to send something important through mail.

A mailing label would make it easier for the one organizing and sending the letters to thousands of clients. Most of the mails we have received recently are their latest offers and promo. They send that to all their clients all across the country so you can imagine how they must have a systematic way of having those mails properly labeled aside of course from the important bank documents sent through important registered mail I think that is how they call it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scott's Vitamin C Pastille Mixed Berries Flavor

Scott's Vitamin C Pastille Mixed Berries Flavor

This pack was given to us during a recent event and we tried it for the very first time. It is said to be high in vitamin C and what I like about it is the taste. Given a choice between the mixed berries flavor and the peach flavor, I would choose the mixed berries one. It is delicious and I could eat more than one but since there is a given limit of only two pastilles a day for adults we should take note and follow that. 

I do know there is a limit for intake of vitamin C each day for all of us and that is something I also told hubby about because he ate two of these at one time only. He might think these are just ordinary candy pastilles and more so did I have to explain to the little boy who also wanted more than one since he is allowed only one a day.

Hanging Plants

My mom once suggested to me when I asked for an advice since she is better at plants and gardening than me, if I don't want to put plants on the ground, I could consider having those hanging plants that are available in a number of varieties. I tried checking out the best hanging plants I could find in an online garden store and I think I have found some of it. 

I will try one and see if I could maintain keeping it alive for a month then I'll try buying more. I could hang them near the fence perhaps for added outdoor decoration and greenery for our rather small front yard space.

The little boy could even help me take care of those hanging plants and it will serve as his little gardening project to water them when necessary. My mom used to have a few hanging plants in her small garden at home before and when we were still very young we would take turns with my other sibling in taking care of them especially during summer when we are free from school and are at home most of the day.

Hot Milo Drink at Snack Time


Hot Milo Drink at Snack Time

This was what I bought for P25 at the snacks counter of IMAX when we went to watch Taken 2 to try out for the first time the Centerstage cinema 6.
The price of this drink could have been cheaper if we bought it elsewhere but it was already kind of cheap already considering we bought it at IMAX. It kept he warm inside the cinema though it was not that cold either inside.

Will let the little boy try this one next time and see if he likes it.