Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Leylam's Shawarma Rice

Yes I have to admit they taste good and for the past days, I think we went back there more than twice to buy Leylam's Shawarma rice at the food court of AMall. It is also quite affordable for P69 only. It can be tummy-filling already. I like mine with more garlic mayo and spicy as well. Thanks to hubby's influence on spicy stuff.

We noticed many people go there to their store to buy this even if it is at the corner and almost hidden from the main traffic of people passing through the food court.


I remembered about four days ago when my left knee was hurting quite bad and at the same time seeing a lady at church who had a crutch because she was obviously injured and limping as well, I get to think about these knee scooters that I am looking into right now. They have a comfortable padded platform to rest your injured leg on and it takes the weight off your other leg. 

My left knee fortunately did not  hurt anymore like it did a few days ago. Well I guess if it persisted those knee scooters and knee walkers (which are non-motorized) would have been useful. I read that there are some available for rent for those people who need them and don't want to use crutches. It is a mobility aid for those who have ankle or leg injuries or even lower leg pain. As some say you can ditch those crutches once you have a knee scooter.

Manila Pavilion Hotel


I came across a photo I took at the Manila Pavilion during our first time stay there around late last year. It was a free stay actually for two days during our annual family vacation. With that experience I know now if and when we would still like to go back there or not. I know the answer. The people and staff are nice. But I will not make any comment on the room or shall I say rooms we were given. 

I appreciate though being able to go to this hotel for the experience. It was an unforgettable stay.

ID Card

We almost thought that the little boy lost his ID card last night. I was already thinking of asking the school for another ID to be issued for him but that may take a week or so. Or I thought maybe we can have that printed elsewhere. But we have yet to scout around for those who cater to ID card printing. 

I tried searching online and I ended up finding this nice looking and quality desktop plastic card printer for ID and membership cards printing. These days you may print your own custom plastic cards on demand with the line of evolis premium plastic card printers that you can buy online. I saw a variety of card printers that can allow you yo start printing your own personalized plastic cards at an affordable price with an economical plastic card printer.

We only need one ID for now just in case our little boy's ID card is really gone. But if you are planning into printing many ID cards, these printers may be very useful for your ID card printing project.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh My Knee

Oh my knee! It hurts. Good thing it was gone after three hours.

After walking for quite sometime in the mall after having lunch with my boys, I suddenly felt my left knee hurting. I don't know what caused it. I limped for a few steps but was able to walk it out until we decided to go home after awhile.

But when we were going out of the house to attend the late afternoon anticipated mass for Sunday, it started to hurt once again. When we reached the nearby church, the pain somehow intensified a bit. I regret not being able to put mansanilla on it hoping it may help since I have no other medicine at hand at home that I could think of then and I really did not expect it to ache again when we got to the church. I told hubby about it and what I did was just to flex my foot up and try to bear the pain on my knee until the pain slowly went away. Among other concerns inside me, I don't know but I could not help but shed a few tears especially when I heard my fave religious song that is really touching.

I left the church thankful after the mass ended. Thankful really that the pain in my left knee was almost gone. When we got home I put some mansanilla on it not really sure if it would be of any help. Now at least the pain almost not there anymore. The spot just feels a little bit sore. I pray whatever caused that pain will go away and never come back. Thank you LORD!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Protect Uniforms

One of my cousins used to play for a band and it would not be a surprise if one of her sons would be playing for the band as well. We met recently and they were out for a fitting for a new band uniform for her son who will be performing for a major inter-school event. 

They had a nice, new set of uniforms. I told my cousin of the idea of using one of those.... which could protect uniforms with the best. These vinyl bags are 0.15mm thick and are pretty well durable and will last longer than other thinner bags in the same price category as I have read in the description. They could bring it around wherever they get to perform to protect his band uniform since sometimes they would go to other places in the country to perform or represent their school on various competitions.

I actually thought of buying one to preserve the old office uniform set that I still keep in one of our old closet. Plus it could also be useful to protect other clothes other than uniforms that one would like to preserve and protect.   

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ube McDip

Try the Ube McDip from McDonald's. 

We just knew about this when we met a girl eating one along our way to McDonald's Abreeza. This one costs P20 for the large one and was supposed to be with crispies. They don't have available crispies that time which was fine with me. IMO it does not taste much of ube but just a little hint of it as you try to finish the whole sundae before it totally melts. 

Well it's still worth a try. You might even love it!


The little guy was looking for his old height chart a few days ago. I was surprised he still remembers it. As far as I remember we have thrown that away when it was badly damaged already. He said he wants to have one once again after they did some measurement activity at school last week.

I told him maybe we can buy a new height chart next time and he just need to be patient until he gets it. I might ask my dad to buy me one just when my nephew was looking for a height gage the one that comes in many shapes and sizes, in horizontal or vertical, and stock Digimatic height gauges that are very accurate and with various models and prices one will find the height gauge one needs.

I understand the little guy's interest in his height. He is growing and I have to say growing fast. I wish he will grow taller than my husband and I though.

Feels Like Summer All Over Again

The temperature the past few days seems to remind and make me feel like it's summer all over again. I thought it was just me but when I asked hubby and the little boy, they feel the same. It makes me think of going to the beach or to a clean swimming pool and take a cool dip in the water.

I want to take a shower every now and then but I cannot do so with my present condition. Yet that cool dip in the pool is so tempting. There are two swimming pools nearby and that makes it more tempting to head over there right now.

Maybe I can also use a cold iced tea drink when my tummy has fully recovered. Or maybe just simply open the freezer and feel the icy cold rush of air coming out of it to freshen me a little bit. 

Background Check

Hiring someone into your company or even just for your household would entail one important thing to do before finally putting them to work for you. One must especially these days do background checks for employment. Even if someone could seem to be someone who could be fully trusted, it does help a lot to do a background check. 

A friend of mine had problem with an employee they have for the past eight years already who was among one of their most trusted staff in their business. Little did her family know that the time will come when that employee would take money from them, the same thing she did from her second employer prior to them.

They never did a background check on that staff because she was recommended by someone they knew who also was her previous employer. They both did not knew she had a previous problem with her second employer about money which was in her trust that she took away. A case was not filed therefore she had no record with the authorities. 
Well too late but things had happened and now they know better than to do a basic or better thorough background check especially with those staff that would be handling sensitive positions in their business. You'd never know who you can really trust until they do something again.

Chill Out Wednesday

We happen to pass by the Food Choices section of Abreeza Mall last Wednesday and we happen to catch a live band performing a few songs for their Chill Out Wednesday.

Those dining at the food court area at the third floor between the cinema section and roof garden get to be entertained and listen to live music from various bands each week. This is an added attraction to the mall's diners making their dinner more fun and enjoyable.

We did not stay long since we have to go somewhere else. It would be fun to listen to live music performed there one of these Wednesdays to come if we have time.

Wires in Order

Time to put those wires in order was what I told hubby last week. I hope he does something about it soon. He has thought about using the wire loom that can be an effective and cheap solution to those who wants to put order as well as protection to those numerous cables around your home or in the office. 

I think the back of our TV in the living room needs to have that to conceal those unsightly wires over there though they are not really visible unless you really take a peek at the back of the wide screen TV. The wires at the back of hubby's computer table area could use one as well.

Whether it is under a workstation or integrated in a home theater set-up, this highly flexible conduit can attribute to a sleek, finished appearance by concealing unsightly wires which is exactly what I wish would happen soon.